FakeFactory Interview about HL2: Episode Three and CryEngine 2

What can we expect in the future of Cinematic-Mod developer FakeFactory? PC Games Interview about Cinematic Mod for Crysis and Half-Life 2: Episode Three.

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Valve's Source engine is a bottle-neck for graphics intensive games, while UE3 and Cryengine are more feasible for better graphics and gameplay...summary, but keep reading.

haqshot3498d ago

The Source engine needs to go. It's a great engine for games in which mediocre graphics will suffice. Games like CS: Source, Left 4 Dead/2, and TF2 all look mediocre. I tend to get pissed off if games running on a console (PS3) start looking better than PC games.

As a complete side-note, where the hell is Counter-Strike 2, Valve? It's been 12 years and you still haven't decided to cash in on that goldmine? It remains one of the best shooters to date. It punishes noobs and then laughs in their face. This is how shooters should be. The learning curve on CS is legendary.

Zeal0t3498d ago

1000% agree about CS/CS2 i played CS for 10 years - 2 years just for fun and the rest on a highly competetive level and i still love this game to death. CS still kills every other FPS gameplay wise imo! CS2 would be a killer if done right!