6 Reasons Why PSN Premium Might Outsell XBL

NextGN writes: "I'm not even going to try and convince people that PlayStation Network, in it's current state, comes anywhere close to the whole Xbox Live experience –XBL is, hands down, the better service. Xbox Live has been a rock solid service since it first launched and has only improved with the years. PlayStation Network, on the other hand, bombed when it first launched, despite being free. People were still willing to spend the extra cash for the extra service giving the Xbox 360 a large lead in sales of most all multi-player games – but things just might change. The PlayStation Network has come a long way since it opened and the fact that Sony are also giving their users the option of buying a premium service could mean trouble for Microsoft."

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Evil Industry3496d ago

If only they would have thought of this sooner.

halojunkie3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

xbl has a little more features than psn like cross voice chat, other than that, when you play online...its the same expierience, i have silver, and ive bee on xbl for about 6 months now and i can honestly tell you its like psn. about this article, you never know? why hasent sont thought of this first? and maybe sony might add in cross voice chat to make the indistiquishable in comparisons, XBL HAS CROSS VOICE CHAT, PSN HAS DEDICATED SERVERS. see where im getting at? if sony adds a killer-app for onlinefor premium psn, why wouldent it out-do xbl? have a god one guys!

Wrathman3496d ago

dedicated servers on a select few games.get it right!

too many ps3 users are under the false impression that every single game that they put in their system is on a dedicated server by default.

Blaze9293496d ago

PSN Premium will never succeed Xbox LIVE's gold member count only because Gold members HAVE to pay to play. PSN Premium you can still play for free so majority will never get PSN Premium for that fact alone.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

The PSN games are dedicated to each developer - like PC developers, but they also create the online IDs too - because the developers create the networks Sony provides the online IDs. Contrary to Microsoft, Microsoft makes the networks and the developers ask for the space, and is the reason why XBOX 360 users pay to play because it's Microsoft's network.

In the end if Resistance 2 is lagging like crazy it's because of Insomniac, and I can play M.A.G. no problem. If Halo 3 is lagging like crazy it's because of Microsoft and if I go play Halo 3: ODST the problem will be the same. Hoping in both cases that game code actually works apart from the networks, lol.

Pillage053496d ago

TBH I'm not a fan of a monthly service charge...but if it extended the warranty, then that would definitely help loosen that money out of my pocket. That and online backup of save files(specially for copy-protected material) would be worth a few bucks a month alone to me. cross-chat, I couldn't care less about.

Megaton3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Blaze got it. It'll never outsell XBL Gold because Microsoft has users by the balls. If you wanna play the online bits of your games, you have to pay extra. If you didn't have to pay to play on the 360, I doubt Gold subscription numbers would be even 1/4 of what they are now.

Tricksy3496d ago

The way I see it, this is going to be sweet.

I like PSN as it is. So when I have the option to pick up features like Xgamechat, cloud backup, extended warranty and a few others, im going to do it.

The fee wont be horrible per year. I know it would be less then what I pay to eat out per month. And I figure Sony has been good to me with free online play already. This is going to be sweet. I just wish they would come out with the service already.

I love me BC phat 60gb. Went to Walmart to buy Final Fantasy 13(PS3) because my friends have had only positive things to say(weird since the reviews were bad) and they had received 3 shipments already and were sold out. The 360's were stacked between the cracks between the game and its neighbour.

TooTall193496d ago

Very few PSN games have dedicated servers. I know Warhawk, MAG, and Motorstorm:PR do. Pay to Play doesn't create lag lol. Peer to Peer does, and often in games under 32 players it makes little difference which one is used.

Jinxstar3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

"XBL is, hands down, the better service."

Stopped reading there even before hitting the link... Opinion and thats all.. XBL has fewer dedicated servers. No game that comes ANYWHERE close to the amount of players that PSN has at one time. It's not free like every other service bar a few MMO's... I could go on but there is no "Hands down better" it's a "In my humble opinion better because I like cross game chat and thats all that XBL has over PSN"

On topic. I feel that if sony had a "10 movie a month' rental deal or 2 free games under 9.99 or something incorporated with their service it would sell like crazy. It may even get a higher attach rate then 360... someday... but who knows...

Sheikh Yerbouti3495d ago

and betas (which I get already) are the only things of interest to me.

Wrathman3495d ago

even if sony or XBL offered free movies or free games to download,ISP's would brick themselves.we would rape their fair usage policies by going well over the download limit.HD movies at 720i uses 4gb.full def is upwards of 15gb.most countries now, dont have the ISP's to support most of the content.thats why europe never sees as much content as japan or the U.S.A.

vhero3495d ago

Honestly Cloud service to upload saves for safe keeping and I am sold but Sony need a pull for people to purchase. MS have played it clever they FORCE their users to pay if you wanna play online its a disgrace. But they doing it the right way in their minds and fair play to em. Sony are gonna have to find some other means of getting your cash and it's gonna be hard. A few MMO subscriptions maybe?

Immortal3213495d ago

and it's reason(s) to subscribe to the premium service.

Lord Vader3495d ago

Something Xbox Live has and PlayStation Network desperately needs; Cross-Game Voice Chat. It’s a bummer that it isn’t free but beggars can’t be choosers, right? It sure is a nice bonus, though

Automat3495d ago

6 - betas i get from qore.
5 - cloud would be nice, but i doubt it will happen. why can't we download full games already..?
4 - all ps1 games i've got from psn looks like sh!t on my hdtv..
3 - a 250gb hdd is cheaper, and i've had it for years..
2 - cross game chat sucks
1 - we have 5 years warranty in my country (norway)

I was looking forward to premium, but hopefully this is not it..........

JasonPC360PS3Wii3495d ago

Sony can't even match Live while it's free let alone subscription.

randomwiz3495d ago

The only thing xbl has over psn is xgame chat.

In my opinion, psn needs a better UI. It works, but it feels less polished than xbl's UI. It feels better to accept a game invite to mw2 on the 360 than how it feels to accept one on ps3.

SixZeroFour3495d ago

if premium has X game chat, that means that the other player that you want to talk to MUST have premium as well right? or else X game chat wont work with that particular player?

N4BmpS3495d ago

You know after reading the features again I think I'm going to sign up for a subscription, This isn't even all the stuff their supposed to have cross voice chat and some other stuff, I don't have a mic so I'm not to excited about cvc(still stoked to know it's on there)but hey you get what you pay for. I can go for an Extended Warranty I've been paranoid as well. These are very good ideas. You can add to them if you go to the playstation blog.

Ps_alm3k3495d ago

that's why xbl can't do over 24 players...It's the truth!

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

Most multiplats arent dedicated however most PS3 exclusives are using dedicated servers. Heck, in Warhawk you have the option in turning your PS3 into a dedicated server.

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IndigoProductions3496d ago

How the hell will that work? This wil be interesting.

f7897903496d ago

Probably the downloadable full games like Burnout Paradise.

DelbertGrady3495d ago

Perhaps they should start with trial demos for all downloadable games, like Xbox Live has. One step at a time.

FiLTHY GAMER3496d ago

Why is XBL better than PSN?

Shadow Flare3496d ago

Apparently cross game chat is superior to 256 player lagless games. I couldn't give a crap about cross game chat. But pushing gameplay further and further does interest me

cliffbo3496d ago

you have to pay for XBL 360 owners gotta say there's is better to justify the cost.

3XP3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Okay, please put it into prospective for me. Can all 256 players end up in the same arena at the same time picking and choosing to fight whomever they feel.

Can I be in a gun fight with player number 40 and then travel across the map and fight say player number 179? Or isi this 256 player thing that you or over playing people put in seperate groups and they are fight within their groups? Because to me, the ladder is "NOT" 256 players battling each other at the same time from a functional sense verses a technical sense.

Please explain.

If the service cost say 50 bucks per year and include full replacement warranty the to me that's a no brainer I'd pay that in a heart beat being that my PS3 is out of warranty. But somehow I don't think it'll work out that way.

Dev8 ing3495d ago

You can go to any part of the battle that you want to in MAG. You can drive to any part of the map and join the battle there. There is a S.V.E.R video where 128 people are just chillin in teh same area.

wicked3495d ago

For me Intergraded MSN, and streaming in music whilst playing games.

Biggest3495d ago

I explained that in another MAG article. It is very common in Domination matches that my clan ends up with OIC. We gather all the troops and run around the map as a 128 person mob squad. It's a blast every time. So yes, the 256 is actually 256. Yes you can fight player #40 if you so choose to. But the purpose of MAG is teamwork. If you want one-on-one fights, go play Street Fighter 4 or another arcade game like Modern Warfare 2.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Yeah, i know it's hard to believe. Hell, i was doubting the PS3 could pull it off too. But once you see MAG in Domination Mode with Paratroopers on one side, infantry storming and shooting everywhere with smoke, explosions, etc everywhere... you'll be amazed at what Zipper has done. You can even go to a corner of a map and view all the chaos from a far.

I like it when everybody listens to the platoon leader to group up an attack a specific bunker.

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kenpachi3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

i'll gladly pay foe extended warranty and Cloud storage space not so much for access for Beta's that's what Qore is for

BobKotickIsTheKiller3496d ago

It doesn't hurt to have it, though

Not-So Average Gamer3496d ago

What about full game trials? :D

Jedward-3496d ago

So rock solid every time i play SF4 at my friends (when hes on xbl) he always gets lag i get none on the ps3 version and thats the case with most games , just cause you pay for xbl dont like mean its good like , its sh!t like for a paid service like.

Wrathman3496d ago

nothing to do with his internet then?


ClosingRacer3495d ago

You fail.... I have XBL and PSN and by tell you i don't lag while playig online games of course untill the host on the game is bad it self.... PSN however i can't talk much but i did play the mag beta and it was smooth so eh great idea bad game..