Microsoft: We Should've Done More, We're Slow

Recently managing director of Microsoft Research Asia Hsiao-Wuen Hon admitted that the company is somewhat slow in embracing consumer appetites. The statements reflects the company's string of "me too" products such as its Bing search engine, the Zune MP3 player, its online marketplace, and even its upcoming smartphone. The word "innovation" hasn't applied to Microsoft in a very long time.

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FishCake9T43498d ago

"He admitted that Microsoft isn't exactly the "media darling,"
You got that right.

champ213498d ago

Well Microsoft arent exactly known for their business ethics be it the way they bully other companies or the way they treat the xbox userbase.

Tricksy3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Such a fitting little acronym.

This company is American Capitalism at its best and worst.

They are out to make money and god help us, they do that like nobodys business.

But in order to make money they use any tactic that they can pass off as quasi-legal, and we have seen how many times their "quasi-legal" has come under fire.

In terms of what this company brings to the consumer... I would have to say Windows and not much else. Certainly not innovation. I am hoping for Linux to be made more and more user/business/application friendly so one day we can see the end of this Monopoly using its huge operating system profits to squeeze its way into other markets and ruin them with all the most destructive capitalist marketing strategies.

In some ways they have kept Sony on their toes and benefitted PS3 users. But I believe the negative effects of their marketing strategies outweigh the positive; like trophies and aspects of the XMB.

Jinxstar3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I honestly do feel that when MS try they make good products. When they aren't making something cheap it usually turns out decent. i.e. MS Surface is a really cool toy. I got to play with one last time I went to Disneyland. However the "Me too" items they make anymore really do apply to their conglomerate nature... It's why I sold my 360 and never owned a zune and still use google...

HolyOrangeCows3498d ago

Microsoft needs to stop making so many me-too products and start working on their OS's.

pangitkqb3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

1) Xbox Live - Innovative, intuitive, and visually appealing it is the best console-based online community hands down. (Yes, I DO OWN AND LOVE A PS3. Kratos rules!)

2) Windows 7 - As someone that uses multiple Operating Systems regularly (just got a brand new MacBook Pro, computers at work run vista, GF's computer is XP, I'm familiar with Linux), Windows 7 on my new gaming rig has been the most intuitive I've tried in years. I love the preview of everything I run my mouse over (totally thugged from Apple, haha). Honestly, it has been stable, safe, reliable, visually appealing and easy to work with.

Hey, just trying to give credit where credit is due. I genuinely wish they would do better in so many other areas.

vhero3498d ago

They are doing now aswell saying digital media is the way to go right now over physical media and bluray wont take off.

duplissi3498d ago


thats exactly how i feel. microsoft is capable of making truly great products, but all too often their corporate mindset of biggest return for little work gets in the way. windows 7, zune hd, and xbox live are all really good products. sigh.... i just wish they would put their talent to use more often instead always trying to get a quick buck all the damn time.

D4RkNIKON3498d ago

This is how MS does business and how Windows began.

sid4gamerfreak3497d ago

The first step is to admit it, and that's what Microsoft have done. The next step is to actually take action and work on solvibng the problem.

Inside_out3497d ago

Microsoft is very successful (nearly 100 million windows 7 sold ), there great at what they do, there American and that's why everybody hates them...It seems popular to hate anything that involves America these day's...Even Americans here on this post...sad really....

ThanatosDMC3497d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if this guy gets fired for stating the truth...

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Jedward-3498d ago

Microsoft: We Should've Done More, We're Slow,retarded,scum,stupid,mupp ets,cunts, like all our trash userbase.

Wrathman3498d ago

jedward...single handly lowering the standard of intelligence for droids


HypermysticsonicHMSX3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

couldn't agree more!

Convas3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Frankly speaking, your outlook on humanity is rather bleak. Go to hell you idiot. Did I mention you looked like a fhag?

karan86243498d ago

Xbots show their stupidity, so they're not good for the gene pool

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Gradient3498d ago

What are you talking about, have you not seen Project Ey- I mean Natal?

captain-obvious3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

im not against MS
but they showed us and the world that you don't need "innovation" to build a huge name
heck they even bought DOS from a dumb computer developer
the thing that started MS

120FPS3498d ago

"What are you talking about, have you not seen Project Ey- I mean Natal?"

No i havent seen that, is it anything like Playstation wiimote i mean playstation Move??

Godmars2903498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Thought they were "given" DOS, bought it for a very cheap price, from IBM who just didn't want to develop it. This during the good old days when companies were more open and willing to share ideas.

Something that soon changed because of companies like MS, who exploited that atmosphere, then proceeded to close the very doors they had gone through.

midgard2273498d ago

lol ever heard of the eye toy?

Hotel_Moscow3498d ago

No i havent seen that, is it anything like Playstation wiimote i mean playstation Move??

you mean that thing that sony has been working on since before the wii ever came out sony knows time travel

duplissi3498d ago


aww thats cute, except move existed before the wii did..... theres proof of it online.

beardpapa3498d ago

From the tech demos of the Move and the games of the Wii, I realize that Nintendo's offering isn't that innovative in terms of motion control at all. Practically almost all its games rely on gesture motion. So far, the Move shows it's able to provide 1:1 motion or go the gesture route, and I'm looking forward to 1:1 motion. But if developers only utilize gesture control, then it'll be Wii all over again.

Now MS on the other hand, they are truly slow though they improve on an old thing. It is poor thought to consider their products innovative though. Just better implemented. And you guys can forget HP Slate. Windows 7 was never designed around tablet computing in mind. It will fail. For PC tablets to be truly successful, the OS needs to be designed from the ground-up with finger/stylus control in mind with keyboard and mouse control as ancillary support, otherwise it lacks intuitiveness.

RockmanII73498d ago

Every idea out there was deprived off another idea, deal with it.

Ju3497d ago

Sure. BTW. The EyeToy was originally called iToy ( ). LOL

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ps3ftwin3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Not only are they slow. Their products are rushed and untested.

While its good they have a console in the market to give Sony some competition since that is always a good thing for the consumer. I think Microsoft need to test their products before launching atleast.

When i was in the market to buy a console, it was either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. The pricing on the Xbox did entice me a bit, however the very unit the shopkeeper tried to show me had RROD issues. Hence the choice was easy to go with the PS3.

3 years later i am happy with my choice, PS3 has very good exclusives(cant say the same for the Xbox). On the other hand a little research and i got myself a 9800gtx for my PC for all my multiplat needs, including all the xbox exclusives.

Imo the best combo out there for any gamer today is PC + PS3.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

You don't have all the 360's exclusives so stop lying to yourself and others...

Edit: People are disagreeing with the truth? The term sheep comes to mind...ah, never mind.

Halo(duh? I'm certain of it)
Forza (If I was into racing games I'd buy it, but the car in my avi...I own one.)
Fable (I thought there wasn't variety on the 360)
Gears 2 (Campaign sucks imo, online is my go to...for online shooting)

t8503498d ago

True he only has the ones that matter.

Most if not all the good xbox exclusives are present on the PC and they are superior.

Only true Xbox exclusives:

Halo (dah)
Gears of war 2 (some of the chapters from gow2 are present on the pc)

Thats all i can think of at the moment and to be honest none of the above games are a good enough reason for me to purchase faulty hardware.

You arent missing out on much PS3ftwin.

ps3ftwin3498d ago

Its not like i didnt give the Xbox360 a chance.

Like t850 said, i dont want to be having to deal with faulty hardware. Maybe the situation has improved with the recent Xbox 360's however i dont have the kind of cash laying around to take the risk.

Also like i mentioned i got most of the games with my existing setup.

soulraver3498d ago

I have have the same setup, I used to have a 360, but I ended up purchasing most of my games on the PC, and i kept seeing advertisements to games i wanted to play but then i found out they were ps3 exclusives, I ended up selling the 360, and never really look back to say I miss playing something.

dragon823497d ago

I disagree. I would say the best combo for a "Gamer" is the combo I and many others have.

PC+PS3+XBOX360+Wii+PSP+DS FTW!!!!!!!!

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FLAMES_1873498d ago

Microsoft just realizing this?

t8503498d ago

took them a while but they are getting there lol.

MAR-TYR-DOM3498d ago

in history, all great empires rise and fall. Microsoft will fall soon but the one who will rise next scares me (GOOGLE)!

ThanatosDMC3497d ago

As long as google doesnt screw with consumers im content with what they're doing. They are taking steps towards a better future for gaming and whatever else like their fiber optics idea.