1 Million In First Week: David Jaffe Anticipates God Of War III Sales Numbers

God of War III is now available and fans around the world are enjoying the title, slaying gods as we speak. It's a great game according to review scores but some folks are more interested in how well the game does at retail, one of them being the it's creator, David Jaffe.

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halojunkie3494d ago

i think the numbers are just right...

mjolliffe3494d ago

Sure are :) Awesome game!

zeeshan3494d ago

Couldn't be happier for Santa Monica. They deserve more and even better. This game should hit around 4-5 million lifetime sales figures. Keep it up SM!!!!

Johnny Rotten3494d ago


...your nothing but a one legged parrot!

jammy_703494d ago

but aint played the other 2 yet....

sikbeta3494d ago

God of War 3 is Simply Epic, deserve more and more, I hope more people join to the PS3 Community to enjoy This Amazing Game

Jinxstar3494d ago

I hope they are for a number of reasons.

1. That will show others that sales on the PS3 can be huge even after proving it with FF13. You can't put shovelware on the PS3 but if you make something awesome people will buy it...

2. They are an amazing dev team and deserve it.

3. GOW is my favorite franchise ever and it would have been sad had they not at least broke even.


well all I can say is....I am number 924,455... and counting. I am glad my money went to such and epic game !

TradingWarStories3494d ago

I have to admit I gave into temptations and saw the leaked gameplay but I knew I was going to buy it anyway no matter what :D.. I got a free GOW3 poster too because some Marketing guys were in the City centre doing a competition :D

ThdeGreatestOne3494d ago

Want this Game sooo BADDDD!!!!! Along with Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain=D There's soo many good games coming out this year that honestly, I think I'm gonna be broke before June.

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immortal843494d ago

I'm also disappointment that another great action game Bayonetta didn't sell 3 or 4 million copies. Really A SHAME. Only third and first person shooters sell over 3 millions nowadays which is stupid.

Dance3494d ago

How about giving those games a chance to sell instead of basing its life times sales over the period 1 week

Nike3494d ago


Agreed. Nowadays, it's the first and third person shooters that rake in the most success in their lifetime.

There are several exceptions to the rule though. Forza didn't do so bad, and though Fallout 3 had a hefty amount of action, it was very successful. Yakuza 3 isn't a shooter (though it's third person) but it's done very well in Japan. Street Fighter IV did pretty good as well.

Time will tell how God of War 3 does, but considering the reviews, hype and brand name, I'm pretty sure it'll hit 1 million in a week with little problem (that is, if VGChartz's current numbers are accurate, which they usually aren't).

Nathaniel_Drake3494d ago

UC2 is a 3rd person shooter and it deserves it

BaSeBaLlKiD7213494d ago

No, IMO Bayonetta does not deserve to sell that much. If devs put a crappy port on either console, it does not deserve to sell big numbers. Games that devs put their hearts and time in are the ones that deserves big sales such as, of course, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, etc.

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Def Warrant3494d ago

Man the game deserves more than $1mil the first week. It is the most epic game i have ever played. The trilogy is one of the best out there and i know i'll be playing it over for as long as i can. We need more magic from Santa Monica Studios.

BiggCMan3494d ago

its sold one million copies man, not made a million dollars in profit, in fact its much more than that, multiply 60 dollars, 1 million times, and its made 60 million dollars, so yea. thats great.

Somnipotent3494d ago

^ what he said... $1mil? i think it sold that much in the first hour it was available (17k)

Mr Tretton3494d ago

BiggCMan, that's not how it works either.

Jedward-3494d ago

Watcha expect like for a class game like better than any sh!tbox game

ELite_Ghost3494d ago

1 million satisfied customers!

ChrisW3493d ago

How about 1 million in the first day?

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The story is too old to be commented.