Why Nintendo's Handheld Future Could Lie in the Past

When Nintendo announced the DSiWare download service a while back, the sound of eager retro gamers counting their pennies in anticipation was almost deafening. Subtle hints that the company would be making classic titles from its back catalog - such as Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games - available for download caused many to salivate, but so far Nintendo has failed to make that alluring dream a solid reality.

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eagle213497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I bet it could happen given the fact the DS launched in 2004/2005 and the Game Boy Micro (2005) released in Europe so close to the DS launch (after in America). I think the DSi XL was the love letter to the DS to send it off with soaring sales. I think Nintendo will keep the DSi on the market for years to come with DS2.

I haven't purchased a new DS since my DS "phat" in 2004. It has been hard to resist but I held off and really want Nintendo to announce a DS2 with a "virtual handheld" and of course it will be backwards compatible. The rumor that has me pumped is that the graphics will look exactly like "Gamecube console graphics" and that developers who have worked on Wii and Gamecube are finding it easy to make games. One developer claims to have a game coming by christmas for this codename: DS2. It's all rumors and speculation but it could happen.

Gradient3497d ago

The thing is though, with Gamecube-like horsepower; will developers utilize that juice?

eagle213497d ago

but the graphics chip (the NVidia Tegra) is said to be very advanced, and many believe it can exceed gamecube visuals. Iwata said "highly detailed graphics" so it should look way better than PSP.

The thing that worries me is battery life with high end graphics, but Nintendo always has the best battery per hour ratio so....if it's 10-15 hours I'll be fine.

Gradient3497d ago

Good point, good battery life is a must.

Matthew943497d ago

Nintendo's future is only in the past. Zelda, mario, metroid you name it. rarely does a new animal crossing or an original 1st party game come by

siliticx3497d ago

i read the title as "Why Nintendo's Handheld Future Could Link to the Past" and it still made perfect sense

HurstDarkStar3497d ago

i dont think ive ever doubted nintendo's handheld skillz

barakiu3496d ago

i think it'd be smart if Nintendo never let a console/handheld die and continued making games for it using the original dev kits, or at least provide them for indie devs to do so.

N64 1,2,3, 4-life

hatchimatchi3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

That would be awesome.

It happened with the dreamcast, games were coming out for that system years after sega had jumped ship.

"DUX is a scrolling shooter video game developed by & KonTechs Ltd. for the Sega Dreamcast. The game was released on 17 June 2009 worldwide"

That's insane, the console was discontinued in 2002...

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