5 Reasons Splinter Cell Conviction Might Disappoint You

We hope that each and every single person that spends their hard earned monies on Ubisoft's latest installment of the Splinter Cell series is happy with their purchase. For persons that will be embarking on their first stealthy adventure as Sam Fisher, the game looks great as judging by the demo. For those of you that are grizzled SC veterans, you might be in for a rude awakening. Here are 5 reasons why Splinter Cell Conviction might disappoint you.

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FanboyAttack3497d ago

Totally agree they cut everything that made Splinter Cell games uniqe and different out of the game completely. It's more like a 3rd person action game than a stealth game. R.i.P Splinter Cell.

C_SoL3497d ago

The first 3 were great, I loved it. Great experience.

Honestly that's what made me buy the 1st Xbox.

Never played the 4th.

Now, I can't believe how they made it. It looks dumb. No stealth. You don't feel no suspense (as the looks of it.) They messed up the series by making it too fast paced.

Oh well, we'll see how the reviews come out....

champ213497d ago

Top 3 reasons why this game fails.

1. 576p
2. 30fps
3. DRM on the version originaly marketed and hyped.

Spiderman3497d ago

It wont dissapoint me because I wont be buying it because of the crappy DRM.

Immortal3213497d ago

the game looks no better than a regular multiplat game. Metro 2033 looks more deep than this game. SC:C looks so basic, like upscale graphics and tweeked gameplay.

math3497d ago

Metro 2033 was one of the funnest games I have played all year. Early in the year, and the game had its faults, but it was damn fun.

champ213497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )


DRM doesnt effect me since i got a good connection. however i wont be getting this game, not until Ubisoft removes the DRM.

Too many games out on PC in March to care about this one.

mal_tez923497d ago

Having no interest in buttonmashers, I won't be getting GOW3; so I thought the next great game I would get would be Splinter Cell.

I will still probably get it but it seems like no one likes it.

sikbeta3497d ago

DRM for PC? Another lame attempt by Ubi again? WTF!? now that's the most disappointing thing, is true that the Devs are using a Custom-Engine based on the UE2?

champ213497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )


Well Ubisoft is determined to lose its genuine buyers. They will learn the hard way, and yes the game is using a UE2 modified engine surprising the xbox is still not capable of running such an old engine in a mere 720p.

Nike3497d ago

It's funny that the author highlights all these reasons, which are all correct mind you, but then, these are the same reasons why the series began to stagnate after Chaos Theory. Double Agent wasn't all it lived up to be and in the wake of Assassin's Creed, the pressure was on Ubisoft to do something with SC that could compete in terms of control and gameplay while simultaneously still appealing to fans of the earlier games.

We saw the result of Ubi trying to make such a game - one that combined the crowd schemes of AC and the control of earlier Splinter Cells - and what happened? They delayed the game, scrapped everything and went back to working from scratch. Obviously if they were trying to appeal to fans of old, they would have gone ahead and made another title like Chaos Theory or Double Agent. But the creativity well was rapidly drying up for the SC team at this time (similar to Eidos after Tomb Raider: Chronicles and Angel of Darkness).

That's why they've gone for this new balls-out action game created in the vein of the Bourne series. Yes, the graphics, especially in the cut-scenes, suck. But the gameplay itself is incredibly impressive - like a mix of Arkham Asylum with the Bourne Conspiracy and some old fashioned SC mechanics. Hopefully that'll be enough to not make fans miss the original mechanics and gameplay modes of the good ol' days.

Chubear3497d ago

This game is too big to fail. It will be given 9s across the board by gaming sites and everyone on this site that called it a meh will magically do a 180 and go "Well, I didn't see anything special from the gameplay vids, interviews and hands on demo I got..but IGN/GS/GT yada yada gave it 9.5 so I'll go buy it"

blusoops3497d ago

Just FYI I just beat GOW3 on hard and there's no way in hades u can beat that game just button mashing. U have to be precise with ur attacks and blocks and parries. Good mix of puzzles as well.

Anyways, for a new commer, splinter cell looks good to me. But I can understand some people might be looking for a little more stealth in a stealth game.


I agree mal_tez92...I find button mashers repetitive and boring.

You're trying to tell me the 360 isn't capable, but yet Brink is at least 45 fps 720p expecting to hit 60 fps? I keep running into your stupid comments...twice today. Only one solution for that...

witchking3497d ago

Actually, this about sums up my feelings on the game after playing the demo. This went from a day 1 must buy to a not going to play it ever.

iPad3497d ago

Yup. Splinter Cell Double Agent is my favorite.

God, I love that game.

Biggest3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Leave it up to iFLOWLIKEROCKS to look forward. You said the same thing about Splinter Cell when 360 had nothing coming out. "Just wait for Splinter Cell and Alan Wake and Reach" was the tag line. As long as Splinter Cell was in development you would expect them to try a little harder. The reason Splinter Cell is so underwhelming is the same reason Metro 2033 was recieved as it was. You're expecting too much. Instead of a good/great game, people like you are wanting the next "killer" of whatever. I guess if you peg them all as the best, one will eventually get there. When the next Xbox is released.

HolyOrangeCows3497d ago

That sucks. Looks like they exchanged the stealth features for gunplay and light stealth features.

This stinks because the series used to push the limits in terms of graphics on consoles.

Dnied3497d ago

The first 3 were awesome. HUGE fan of splinter cell no doubt, especially pandora tomorrow... the multiplayer was the greatest thing since sliced bread...

Demo didnt do it for me, the article makes 5 good points that I agree with.

I originally planned on getting for the 360 but not I'm not even sure if I want it at all, and if so, it'll probably be on the PC. Going from GoW3 to this game was a big mistake lol

iFLOWLIKEWATER3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Don't reply to me, reply to your circle jerking partner to whom I was referring to. Why bring up Metro when you haven't played it? I know why, you like to spread that false propaganda that suffocates n4g articles. I've never played a Splinter Cell game. The comment that champ made was ridiculous so I called him/her on it. I brought up Brink because it looks to surpass a certain game that was over hyped and undersold til this very day. Name any game on consoles and I've played it...minus MAG. Name any game on PC and I've seen my neighbor play it.

Lord Vader3497d ago

Sadly, I have to agree. Its too bad MGS4 & SC:C both left their gameplay with controls from 1984. I was very disappointed with MGS4's controls, & now the same with SC:C.

TrailerParkSupervisr3497d ago

Those are the exact 5 reasons I play SC. The spies/merc removal is devastating. And the removal of the "lure" gadgets? WTF? I am so sick of devs trying to cater to the "casual" market. I understand the millions you make is not enough but what about us hardcore gamers who have been shelling out money and dedicating our lives to certain series for years?

With all the crap games that come out, there are 4-5 series I relish and always look forward to. This just removed SC off the list. Damnit, I am really bummed.


Therealspy17763497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

i just played through the demo twice and thought it was a lot of fun. and i don't think he's clunkier than before. once you adjust to the new controls, it's as smooth as ever. and you can get real strategic with the mark and execute.

also, you can go about things in different ways. play through once, see one thing, play through it again, see it completely differently. that is a helluva lot more than i can say about most of the games that have been getting undeserved praise for the past 2 years.

EDIT: Oh, and if SC stayed the same, we'd be hearing from the exact same hypocrites that it hasn't changed enough, and that it's the same old thing. some people just automatically dislike anything that isn't exclusive to their console of choice, and will criticize it regardless of quality.

Dnied3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I dont htink this has ANYTHING to do with exclusitivity.

People aren't complaining that it's *different* people are complaining they removed some of the greatest elements that DID make it different. Basically it's the opposite of what you're talking about...

To dumb it down for you... REMOVAL =/= INNOVATION

jetlian3497d ago

where to start i guess at 5

"Splinter Cell Conviction has deviated from a stealth game to a stealth/action game."

And yet the game can still be played with stealth!!! lol look here

4 the controls- Whats wrong with them? buttons were moved around but it plays faster and more accurate to me.

3 "Almost all familiar features that made Splinter Cell unique have been taken out or changed" I guess you can't use stick cam to make noise, use emp to alert enemies or shoot out lights. only thing gone is dragging bodies. Which is nothing given that sam doesn't work for the goverment so he doesn't care if they knew he was there

2 "no spy vs mercs" Who cares it still has online modes spy vs spy and all the other coop versions.

1 "grachics" "fans of the series have seen drastic upgrades" this looks way better than DA which was the last game. theres way more objects in the level than before. Virtually everything i read seem to me was from a sony fan. name a game looking better doing the same thing? let me guess gow3,KZ2, uc1/2,HR, or MGS4. And how many of those have splitscreen?! none thanks have a great day =)

kunit22c3497d ago

its a 360 exclusive so that already brings up 3 disappointments, first off there wont be as much content in the game as there could be, second the graphics wont be as good as they could be, and third you will have to pay to play it online.

N4BmpS3497d ago

Interesting they have pretty good points as much as it's been pushed back you would expect them to add some new and awesome things but they didn't do any of that.

Lich1203497d ago


You know this is a PC title also right? Half the people in here thinking about getting the game would not have to worry about any of those things you listed. The biggest consideration for the PC is the lame DRM.

mikeslemonade3497d ago

I think you just have to play the first 5 minutes of the game and than return it. The graphics in the bathroom scene were real good. I don't know how they did it because it when from like CG to gameplay, and than even than it was hard to tell the difference. The rest of the game is garbage though.

morganfell3497d ago

Play the 4th one. Not the PC, 360, PS3 version. Get the original Xbox version (B/C on the 360). Or the PS2 version but it is graphically weaker and lacks the co-op of the Xbox version.

It has a differently storyline, Sam's character plays out different, different plot points and twists, uses the Chaos Theory tweaked version of the Unreal Engine, and feels like Chaos Theory. It has the most robust co-op of any version of Double Agent as well.

Megaton3497d ago

I just played the demo and... I dunno. I was never a fan of Splinter Cell, so I was actually really looking forward to this one since it seemed different and more my speed. After trying the demo... not so much.

More eager for Alan Wake now.

DaTruth3497d ago

Scrap another future unreleased game that was gonna prove the 360 is as powerful as the PS3.

I feel bad seeing as this looks like trolling, but I heard too much about future unreleased titles that were gonna prove the power of the 360. From LP2 to Metro 2033 to SCC and all falling flat!

Next, bu, bu, but, teh Reach!

Inside_out3497d ago

Thank you for that jetlian...AWESOME vid...Never was a fan of previous Splinter cells.. been following this one since E3....Played the demo many times BUT never like I said in a another post, there is alot of different ways to play this demo...Man, that player was so smooth, had to be one of the developers...blew me away...gonna have to play it left alive when I'm done...LMFAO...a couple wks to go...Day one for me....cheers...

Shepherd 2143497d ago

I think the reason the graphics arent cutting edge is that the devs numero uno concern was gameplay. the way it should be.

Aaroncls73497d ago

It didn't disappoint me. At all.

I would have prefer no black and white filters and no "last seen position" silhouette, plus a few other minor things; including the (hopefully changed) non-customizable button mapping.

But this game FEELS good. It's action ala Jason Bourne, and that is f*cking awesome.

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poe3497d ago

I think it's still gonna be awesome the demo was phenomenal.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES3497d ago

as good as uncharted 2..??? what are you smoking??? even my man snake will kick this guys ass in a heart beat and he is a smoker

vader12312313497d ago

He didn't say it was as good Uncharted 2... Where the hell did you get that from?

AliTheBrit193497d ago

He didn't get it from anywhere, he's just a moron like most PS3 Fanboys

dustgavin3497d ago

RetroKid5407 - 3 hours ago
2.3 -
Demo was awesome this probably is best third person shooter I have played in a long time since Uncharted 2 I bet. Might be as good as Uncharted 2. The bathroom scene was great.

He was responding to a comment Retro made in the Gamer zone.

AngryTypingGuy3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The demo was phenomenal. It's a fresh take on a great franchise. And by the way, the graphics are great. 570P native resolution? No problem, the up-conversion takes care of that. This is the best looking SC to date, but most's fun.

The highest rated game this year so far has been Mass Effect 2, followed by GOW 3. It may or may not be as good as those two, but it will be up there for sure.

3497d ago
AngryTypingGuy3497d ago

Mr. Jack, see Mass Effect 2.

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Johnny53497d ago

They had to change it so the Modern Warfare kids would think its cool.

Inside_out3497d ago

Played the demo many times on all difficulty levels...I'm not sure how many times this guy who wrote this piece did???.. I've said in another post, will NOT win any awards this gen, maybe last said that the game is NOT ugly by any stretch of the imagination and has a nice next gen haze about it...LOL...The shadows look really good which might be what matters most in a game like this... The RTE cut scene was great and quite brutal for Mr Fisher...Don't understand why they would use an Xbox 1 game engine that powered games like Unreal tournament LAST gen when they used Unreal3 for the last game...Hmmm...

Game play is very smooth, with the demo acting like a tutorial on how the new moves work...Considering they used last gen engine Sam looks good pulling off all his slides and jumps...Many options on how to take out the enemy's...great gadgets and while sam doesn't whistle, there is a sticky cam that does cause a noise distraction as well as explode...of course it's a camera too...EMP and frag grenades are also part of the arsenal. Point at the bottom of a door, press A button to peak on the other side, same as rainbow Vegas, and mark enemies...The entire game play revolves around the mark and execute feature that NEVER gets old....You have to physically disarm an enemy which unlocks the DEADLY combinations on enemies that you mark with the right bumper...I found those were rendered beautifully with speed up/slo-mo effects and deadly, right in the middle of the forehead a highlight...The demo also gives the you many ways to take out enemies...drop from a overhead pipe, sneak up behind them, pull them over a railing or ( my favorite ) go Rambo...

A couple not so good things...well...Graphics as I said earlier...Enemy A I is bad ( seems all stealth games suffer from this ) made worse by annoying repeat phrases said over and over...Unless of course you RUSH them, then there hope it's a demo thing...

It's simple really, If you like Taken and Bourne supremacy this demo is for will love it...if you want to sit in the corner and wait for something to happen or react to situations, this demo in not for you...Let's keep in mind this is a demo, the game is alot longer than 15mis with many different scenarios that might include classic Sam mannerisms....Can't wait myself...Releases mid April

Therealspy17763497d ago

they used unreal 2.5 in the last SC game.

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