McDonalds Using DS to Train Employees.

McDonalds has already got a past history with Nintendo, providing free Nintendo Zones to their customers. Now McDonalds plan to bring the Dual Screen behind the scenes.

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FLAMES_1873497d ago

Yeah because customer service is at a all time low where I'm from.

mushroomwig3497d ago

Due to the high IQ level required to work at a fine establishment such as Mcdonalds, a tool like this is needed to teach one how to successfully flip a burger and/or correctly issue change to the customer.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3497d ago

these 'kids' are preparing food that me and my family are going to ingest...I hope to hell they DO get training on how to flip burgers and everything else in the restaurant.

TD_RJ3497d ago

Are using the PSP to train employees.
Not bad really , but from where I am they hire anyone (trained or not trained) sadly we get our burgers raw or bad lettuce (they don't even check on their supplies) and even sometimes (happened to my brother) get flies in our fries...
Flies in our Fries...
Flies in our Fries...
That rhymes =D
anyways That's why I prefer home cooked meals rather than fast food. =/
I haven't eaten from a fast food restaurant for about maybe 1 hour , such a long time.. ;__;

Senden3496d ago

Suprised the average mcdonald employee can even use a DS.. I have so much fun when I go in there.. you're almost guarenteed to be served by a dorky teenager.

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