Super Street Fighter 4: 27 Exclusive Screenshots

Videogameszone published 27 exclusive screenshots of Capcom´s Super Street Fighter 4.

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Jedward-3497d ago

Cant wait , and lol didnt know guy from final fight was in it awesome.

vhero3497d ago

Anybody who buys this guy is stupid. Paying full price for content that should have been DLC. They are forcing you to buy the game again with the DLC on the disc is nobody else seeing this?? Before DLC they could get away with this but its 2010 people.

Ryuha1234h3497d ago

I'm sick of people like u complaining DLC that and DLC this. How many f*ckin time does capcom have to say it, this update is too frickin big to be DLC. 10 new characters, 5 new stages, bonus stages, new online modes and tweakin the characters and adding new ultras. If u don't care about the game then don't buy it. Aint nobody forcing ur cry baby @ss to buy the game. It's obvious u not a Street Fighter fan
so shut the hell up. Blazblue sequel is coming to disc with only 3 new characters and nobody is complaining. So shut ur fricken mouth.

Fatal Blow3497d ago

Cant wait to take you guys on with guy lol