Itchy Thumbs: Final Fantasy XIII Review

Itchy Thumbs writes: "This millennium hasn't exactly started well for the Final Fantasy franchise. It kicked off with Final Fantasy IX which, in truth, struggled to match the quality seen in VII and VIII. Other forgettable additions included FF XII and the pointless X-2 which failed to deliver what the hardcore has become accustomed to. The saving grace for the series over the past ten years came in Final Fantasy X which oozed quality from every orifice and in turn took the series back to it's original and successful roots. Another side plus to come from the period in time is the spreading of the series to handheld (ignoring the awful Crisis Core effort). This move introduced the series to the casual market and effectively gave the franchise a rebirth by introducing original story lines for the benefit of the newly attracted audience."

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morganfell3496d ago

if this unknown site can't bother to differentiate between the two versions then I can't bother to click on their link. Pass.