411mania: Dark Void Review

411mania writes: "Dark Void is one of Capcom's first titles this year but because of limited hype, it wasn't very highly anticipated and for good reason. Dark Void takes place during World War Two and centers around William Augustus Grey. William is a cargo pilot who ends up being transported to another world, called The Void, while flying though the Bermuda Triangle. While in the Void, Will ends up encountering other humans, known as the Survivors, who are desperately trying to go back to Earth. Will instantly runs into the natives of the Void, known as the Watchers, and aids the Survivors in defeating them so they can return to their own world. Will eventually finds out that the Watchers are supplying the Axis Powers with supplies for unknown reasons. With the help of Nikola Tesla, Will is able to use the Watchers technology to help him return home. Now lets break the game down."

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