Will It Ever Happen?

Ironstar: "There are a lot of FFVII fanboys and girls out there who absolutely adore re-playing this irrefutable classic. I also know that many of us are shallow and vain, myself included. We've grown used to, if not jaded by, stunning graphics and animation and now it's something we expect from games."

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PirateThom3497d ago

No, I've long given up hope on FFVII HD this gen, I've now firmly accepted that tech demo was not for FFVII but for PS3 and White Engine (Crystal Tools) and we'll never see anything like that again. As nice as it would be, FF VII is in the past and will probably stay there until, probably, the next round of consoles or, more likely, handhelds.

aCHU3497d ago

yea man i agree,ive givin up hope for a FF7 HD next gen release but you know they will make it (or are making it) but like i said and im sure everyone else will agree too when we all say.. WHO FVCKING CARES ANYMORE! .

just make it and release it exclusive to a sony platform and then we can all rejoice,but untill then.. well wutever!.

Bereaver3497d ago

Awww, don't give up. It will happen, but it might still be a while.

But, I have come to the conclusion that it might also not arrive until the next gen for this gen. :p

Julie3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Me want FFVI remake yes six! FF six remake ! or FFIX Vivi and Quina in HD for the win! :D

kraze073495d ago

I'm still waiting on a FF6 remake. imo it's one of the best in the series if not the best.