Itchy Thumbs: Street Fighter IV iPhone Review

Itchy Thumbs writes: "My first introduction to the world of SNES gaming came through Street Fighter II in the early nineties. Almost twenty years on, Capcom's legendary brawling franchise is still going strong, and just last year was boosted by the arrival of Street Fighter IV on consoles.

12 months have passed and Super Street Fighter IV is now on the release horizon. While we wait for that, however, the original version of the game has been shrunk down and placed in the palm of our hands by virtue of this iPhone edition. SFIV features eight fighters from the original version, the majority of which should be familiar to peeps who grew up on the franchise. So yes, Ken and Ryu are on-hand with their multi-coloured dressing gowns, Blanka is still electrically charged, Chun Li still has great (and powerful) legs, and Dhalism remains able to give Stretch Armstrong a run for his money. Rounding off the cast are Abel, Guile and Bison."

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