Itchy Thumbs: Project Zero 4: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse Review

Itchy Thumbs writes: "When Tecmo released Project Zero 3: The Tormented on Playstation 2 as the final part of a trilogy, us survival horror addicts weren't sure we'd ever see another Project Zero game ever again. You can imagine our delight when news emerged that Tecmo had teamed up with Grasshopper and Nintendo to bring the fourth instalment exclusively to the Wii, with a new, standalone story. Okay, so the Wii wasn't our first choice of console, but at the end of the day a new Project Zero is still a new Project Zero. It was time to await screenshots and trailers, and begin the excitement. Screenshots came: excited. Trailer came: weed a little. That was back in 2008. Game please! But no, said Nintendo. Problems occurred, bug fixing and translation arguments emerged, the game hit Japanese stores and was then shelved. Project Zero 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse will never see the light of day in Europe or the US, they declared. Dammit!"

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Dark_Overlord3499d ago

me off with the stupid sh1t they pulled here, Japan only WTF?

hatchimatchi3499d ago

This game is awesome, i imported it last month and it's top notch survival horror with great scares. The translation team did a wonderful job.

na-no-nai3499d ago

i look at alot of sites for this game but damm its like a ripped off $70 used and like $80 new
i really want to get this game!!

hatchimatchi3498d ago

i paid $120 for mine.

Worth every cent imo.