Spartans Stand Tall Theory

Ironstar: "I recently obtained the platinum trophy on God of War 3 and I noticed a site located under the platinum trophy called , I immediately went to the site and noticed a flood and along the top something that appears to be a health meter or a counter of some kind."

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jjacinto233501d ago

There's a quote made by Zeus that kinda leave a question on me............

gamesmaster3501d ago

spoiler alert.. (not you above, just saying)

Commander TK3500d ago

Treezy has made some great articles recently. U guys should check him out. He's a cool guy. And I hope the teaser is a PSP game made by another dev. I want Santa Monica to make a new IP or Heavenly Sword 2

NewYork2143501d ago

i was thinking it was a platinum counter too. can add the one i just got bout a hour ago.

I hope the next game you play as someone else. im kind of sick of kratos. keep all the blood and gore for the sequel/prequel but get a new character

DaTruth3501d ago

I am not sick of Kratos, but I will be if another game stars him, so I agree! Don't want to wear him out like Master Chief!

Than he can make a return in the distant future and we'll have nothing but good memories of him!

Len923501d ago

yeah this article has great points and im really interested in seeing this trailer or w/e. go get your platinum trophy people!!!! so we can watch this thing. i need just to beat titan mode and the aMazed for my platinum.

II Necroplasm II3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

platinum counter...that is boring. I hope it's a teaser for a new game they're working on. New IP would be fuging awesome...

scruffy_bear3501d ago

For some reason I keep thinking it be something to do with PS Move

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The story is too old to be commented.