Gamers Rejoice. Michael Atkinson Steps Down

Controversial South Australian Attorny-General Michael Atkinson (pictured) has resigned from the role in the wake of ongoing public criticism and a voter backlash in his seat of Croydon in this weekend's state election.

The Labor politician has for some time stood in the way of lobbying efforts by the video game industry and gamers themselves to create an R18+ classification for games in Australia.

The news of Atkinson's departure from the Labor front bench is set to spark a round of speculation about what policies regarding the R18+ classification the new South Australian Attorney-General will put forth. The Federal Government is currently considering more than 55,000 submissions to a discussion paper about whether it should implement a R18+ rating category for video games, with the majority of those expected to have come from EB Games customers in support of such a scheme.

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Pozzle3502d ago

Here's hoping the next attorney-general is more open-minded regarding mature video games.

KingKiff3502d ago

I voted against this stooge

YoungKingDoran3502d ago

woohoo! ... geez, just look at the freak

fingersports3502d ago

I hate to say the teeth is the only thing I could look at in this story, it's a great step for the country though.

MK_Red3502d ago

This is a historic moment. In the end, there will only be "Gamers"!

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The story is too old to be commented.