Interplay gets more funding for Fallout MMO

Interplay Entertainment has managed to win some heavy investment recently, increasing their funding for development of the Fallout MMO codenamed "Project V13." Interplay and Bethesda are currently embroiled in a court case over the rights to this MMO, with Bethesda acting like a big corporate bully against the smaller company. Bethesda and Interplay's original contract stipulated that Interplay would create the Fallout MMO, but Bethesda's recent actions have prompted Interplay to believe that Bethesda never intended to honor the contracts and have been liars all along.

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-MD-3500d ago

Interplay needs to resurrect the Loaded series.

King of Creation3500d ago

They should definitely get on the Descent series as well. Those were classics.

The Maxx3500d ago

Ya Loaded and ReLoaded are classics. I hated the well, there pretty much wasn't a ending but man I loved splattering those bodies against the wall and floors.