Gamespot overtakes IGN as the most visited gaming site

Gamer Limit writes "Gamespot, after many years of wrangling with IGN has finally taken a lengthy lead in traffic rankings. Gamespot has now held onto the number 1 Alexa (non-poker) gaming site traffic position for a solid month."

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DangerCurtis3503d ago

Unless Gamespot has done something over the past month, it's kind of odd seeing it take over IGN of all the popular gaming sites.

Digitaldude3503d ago

Well giving Demon's Souls GOTY was pretty cool. I'm liking GS recently and we all know IGN's quality these days.

Hisiru3503d ago

No, it's IGN who is doing bad things.

thedarkestfaction3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Demon's Souls??? Uncharted 2 or Batman fosho!!!!! Metacritic #1 since I've been in Amereeka

Megaton3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I only visit GameTrailers, and believe me, it's not for their shoddy turd nuggets of "journalism". I like their site layout and heavy flow of new videos more than any other. Plus, I've received about $250 in free games from there since I joined in 2007.

presto7173503d ago

Made that realization long ago...

rroded3503d ago

game journalism dies just a little more with every hit they get imo

Ziriux3503d ago

@ Dead,

Not even in top 15k i dont think.

thedarkestfaction3503d ago

Press Z to follow your dreams....You will Fail.. hold on to the night!!
Live in harmony..harmony... ALWAYS!

Anon19743503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Gamespot used to be a fairly good site, but a few years ago they made the editorial decision to run their news and editorials like they were a bunch of Xbox Fanboys. I can understand why they'd do that. They're a US site and in the US the 360 is king. However, having been a loyal user of their site for almost a decade, it really bothered me to see such an obvious shift in editorial direction to favor one facet of the gaming audience over other gamers.

In the last year since the PS3 has picked up steam, the 360 focus has shifted somewhat, but they lost a reader the second they made the decision to cater to one audience over the other.

Just have a look at their news articles from a year or more ago and you'll see what I mean. It's all in the wording. When they're reporting the news regarding Sony, they always slip in some negative little jab, or something with negative connotations into the article somewhere. When Microsoft is concerned, it's usually some unrelated little mention of some "victory" where the 360 is concerned. It's those subtle little word games they play that make them more industry propaganda then gamer site.

Actually, there are a few refugees from Gamespot's forums posting here that were driven out by the mods when Gamespot made this shift. I once was suspended for trolling on Gamespot's forums for simply stating "I agree" on a positive Sony theme. I was active in their forums for years back in the Xbox and PS2's days. The mods suddenly cracked down on anyone who dared to view Microsoft with a critical eye. It still makes me feel like Gamespot just turned on the gaming community. Where once gamers could feel free to debate issues of interest to gamers, Gamespot put a stop to that in favor of making a warm, fuzzy place for all things Microsoft.

Now they've come out of it, but us older gamers remember. We won't forget how fickle Gamespot is, or how easily their opinions are bought.

BulletToothtony3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

and decided to start creating some weird articles hating on consoles specially on the ps3 to create new hits.. but as time goes by, a lot of people own both consoles now and the fanboyism thou still strong is not as strong as it used to be.

And people are getting sick of it.. not all of it, but just the silly stupid articles like, "Why this MAY be the year to buy a ps3" or crap like that.

IGN had been doing so well, and all of the sudden even the ps3 side of ign started writing very pro 360 articles..even saying why some 360 games are better than ps3 games when there's absolutely no reason to say such things, and even thou a fanboy article it's fun once in a while.. i want to hear REAL journalism about games.

And gamespot has been rather fair in maintaining a fair middle ground so even thou they used to hate on the ps3 at least they may be trying to correct their ways, i don't like fake websites but i hope it may teach a few terrible sites like gamedaily and gamereactor that fair journalism ultimately pays off more than stupid opinions.

Overall i'm actually basing a lot of real news on Adams Sandler's reviews.. seems like he finally loves both consoles and tell it like it is. Ultimately that's what i want to know.

pangitkqb3503d ago

And I am by no means against Gamespot, I just simply prefer IGN's presentation style and video playback. Additionally, I tend to agree with much of their gaming perception.

HolyOrangeCows3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I don't like either site much.

This is why I don't bother with Gamespot's reviews:
With gamespot, review scores go to whoever buys the most ad space.

Megaton3503d ago

^ That's the first and only thing that pops into my head when I hear GameSpot. The Kane and Lynch fiasco.

ChozenWoan3503d ago

Throughout this whole console gen, IGN has kept the practice of reviewing multi-platform console games individually and taking away points from which ever version they deemed to be inferior. Then when FF13 comes onto the scene, and everyone knows that there is a "Stevey Wonder can see this" difference between the two versions, they decide to award the same review score to both consoles. Thus breaking their own standards and providing undeniable evidence of their console bias.

Lucky for me I only come to N4G to get my daily dose of gaming news and fanboyish comedy. Thus let the Console Wars Continue so that I may be amused.

ico923503d ago

gamespot has always been my favourite reviewer, i don't mind ign but they can be really inconsistent

Cueil3503d ago

IGN/Fox has sucked for almost 9 years... it's amazing that people ever when there

Danteh3503d ago

the best thing Gamespot has always had is the reviews.
Their scores are incredibly accurate... I even decide if I'm going to like a game by GS score instead of Metacritics :D

vhero3503d ago

The difference between the 2? Gamespot finally stopped being biased against the PS3 last year while IGN is STILL biased. So PS3 owners choose gamespot over IGN.

Microsoft Xbox 3603503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

both sites suck.

lightningsax3503d ago

Yes, and that's why I visit them more often also! Demon's Souls deserved all the praise it got.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

This isn't anything new. They go back and forth at the #1 spot often. But I guess if you don't use that list this is news for you.

Chubear3503d ago

Gamers usually have little to no memories of even recent past of 3months ago most times lol

I hear ya dude, all these sites are crap that's why I just don't bother with their forums anymore.

I remember GS perma banned me during their xbox crusade back in 2007 cause I cursed out these gamers that said they'd play a game that had nazis killing jews as long as the gameplay was good. Not a day, week or month bann but perma bann. At that time we all knew PS3 gamers were being targeted for perma banns and their MODs watched and stalked well known pro PS3 gamers like hawks. I managed to stay away from them for a while but this particular topic just got me and they pounced! lol

Then Gametrialers started their crusade around early 2007 too and before you know it - BAM! they got me again for this http://forums.gametrailers....

"Seems this viral marketing 'crap' headed by MS has caught on in some regard cause there's a general misconception that the PS3 isn't selling well.

Well, if the PS3 isn't selling well after the biggest Viral marketing this industry has ever seen, at a higher price point than it's competitor then that must mean the 360 is dead in the water, why?

Because the PS3 actually outsold the 360 from Jan 08 to Nov. 08 WW. Don't fall for the FUD, the PS3 is kicking serious ass and will continue to do so in 2009."

Until that time I had gotten about 3 or 4 banns in as many years; 2 one day banns and a week bann plus the last bann I'd gotten before the perma bann was 6months aways. After that I just understood the agenda of these gaming sites and I just stayed away from their forums.

I go to only small site forums now and I frequent N4G for the "news" articles and their discussion but I do tend to stay away from N4G gaming forum though. Bottom line, all this crap was brought about with ONE particular company and they are well known for soiling every industry they enter.

If you trust ANY of these gaming sites, you're just foolish cause THEY"RE ALL THE SAME. They're in competition with each other for ad$ so they act similar to one another to get paid.

TotalPS3Fanboy3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Gamespot is not longer biased against the PS3.
Meanwhile, IGN have gone biased against the PS3.

When your PS3 section hate on PS3 games and PS3 gamers for no reason, do you really think PS3 gamers will come to your site anymore? You're going to lose a ton of traffic.

Goodbye IGN.

kvg883503d ago

I remember those days, its toned down a lot, but the fanboyism is still there

I recently got a week ban myself in System Wars on Gamespot, someone was saying that GOW III was overrated (Which they are entitled to their opinion) but then they said they never actually played the game, but didn't need to in order to judge it. I pointed out why that logic fails and I got banned. Although, it was probably because I called him an idiot for thinking like that... lol

But yeah, back in 2007 it was a banning of biblical proportions.

Alvadr3503d ago

I used to love reading IGN, they have really great articles, reviews, previews etc. But in the past 12 months the advertisments on the site have just become insane.

For example- I was trying to through the headlines and my entire screen disolved into a DS and I had to manuver my mouse (which had become a DS stylus) to close it down which took forever as it slowed my comp down so much.

The adverts are killing my browser, causes it to freeze, slow down, click on them by mistake.. Its crazy!

I understand why they have to sell advertisments but when it just kills the site experiance then no one is going to go to the site to in the first place.

SniperJDC3503d ago

Its funny that the only people complaning about IGN are ps3 fanboys. Probably just cause GOW3 didn't get 10/10 lol

sikbeta3503d ago

Maybe IGN will make More and More Flamebait Articles to get more hits...

kewlkat0073503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Been on the Final Fantasy 13 Threads really......

Forum Community is helpful.

That way I see it, Every fanboy looking for "ammo" have their favorite Bias Site"

rockleex3502d ago

Then click on the link. And press Z to follow your dreams...

Darkstorn3502d ago

Gamespot is the fairest reviewer out there, IMO. Well deserved.

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TheDarkCynic3503d ago

Considering that I don't particularly like either of these sites (save for IGN's video content), this change doesn't really matter to me. Cool to see some competition though.

Jorrel563503d ago

So Gamespot has become the "lesser of the two evils" now I see. Can't stand either of them.

overlordror3503d ago

I don't know why. Both of these sites are complete crap.

themizarkshow3503d ago

And this proves, once again, that internet peoples have no standards.