Splinter Cell Conviction for $51 on Amazon

RespawnAction: "Looking to get the newest Sam Fisher adventure, Splinter Cell: Conviction? Well then you may want to swing by Amazon as the current price has a hefty discount to it and is eligible for free shipping."

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Jedward-3501d ago

Thats like 50$ too much

Wrathman3501d ago

how much was that blu-ray player again?

too much

midgard2273501d ago

how much was that ticking time bomb? way to much, how much is the online? WAY to much. LOL and ps2 disc format on HD console

midgard2273501d ago

my point is me being dumb like u because u were just bashing, thats all :D except mine was true while urs was a question of sarcasm

The Iron Sheik3501d ago

How much has live cost you? If you have been a member since the 360's launch it has cost over $200.

Too much.

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midgard2273501d ago

i wouldnt even rent this game, and i have free rentals at hollywood video. just not my kinda game, or atleast i was never into the splinter cell games at all.

Deios3501d ago

Is been $51 for months on Amazon

joydestroy3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

wrong reply sorry

mikeslemonade3501d ago

Well after playing the demo i'm no longer buying this game. This was my top anticipated game for 360 this year.

HungPHAT3501d ago

After playing the demo , I'll wait till it's under $30

midgard2273501d ago

tis sad it sucked so bad, i tried it a lil while ago, damn i mean i never liked the series but they boasted this one as if it was gonna be really good.

to think that this is all 360 fanboys have till halo reach comes by exclusive-ish wise sorta sux. especially since its on pc aswell.

wait 360 didnt even have a true exclusive yet this year, ack, thank god i have all the sysstems and a beast gaming computer.

2FootYard3501d ago

You sound like a lying sack of potatoes.

midgard2273501d ago

i sound like im lying because i have all the systems? lets see i had a 60 gig ps3 at launch, now have slim 120 gig, got my halo edition 360 for 220 on ebay, came with 2 controllers and halo 3, also has 120 gig hard drive i got from work (gamecrazy) for free cuz of ninja gaiden 2 contest, i got a wii for 120 for my brother from work, i have a black asus gaming laptop that i got for aion back in august.

just because i have this stuff doesnt mean im a liar lol, wtf

joydestroy3501d ago

crackdown 2 is exclusive

midgard2273501d ago

lol omg i totally forgot about that game 0_o.

well didnt like the first crack down but i will give the 2nd one a try since it did have potential. haha thnx for remindin me :p

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2FootYard3501d ago

Too bad this game f***ing sucks. I'll just have to keep waiting for Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake.

midgard2273501d ago

now alan wake looks awesome *nods :D will probably get to use my 360 for once, cant wait

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