What classic IP should Sega resurrect?

Earlier this week, Sega's Mike Hayes showed a rare but welcome respect for the past, admitting that his company had not treated some of its classic franchises as well as it should have. The more recent Sonic games and the dismal disappointment that was Golden Axe stand as hefty testament to this sad truth.

However, if Sega really is serious about giving its IP a serious revitalization, one can't argue that there are still plenty of untapped classics that it could stand to bring back. Sega is bested only by Nintendo when it comes to the range and quality of its past glories, and for a company so keen on whoring out its past franchises, there are a surprising number of games that have been long forgotten, trotted out only on downloadable platforms or retro compilations.

So, which classic IP should Sega resurrect? With so many to choose from, you can't just pick one! Read on for a few noteworthy suggestions, and feel free to add your own!

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