Game Vortex: Blur Preview

Game Vortex writes: "Great racing games come and go. They range from simulations (Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport) to unrealistic adrenaline fantasies (Burnout, PURE) to games that fall somewhere between the former two. Blur doesn't really fit into any of those categories. It brings us back to a genre we don't see much from these days: the weaponized racer. Sure, we get periodic installments of Mario Kart and Wipeout, but when's the last time we've seen something truly unique from this genre? Bizarre Creations' Blur is attempting to bring together the high-speed insanity of Burnout and the strategic weapon management of Wipeout. I forgot to mention: this game uses actual cars. I was only able to get a taste of the game's multiplayer component, but that was all it took to get me excited."

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