EA Sports To Sue South Park Creators Over Tiger Woods Episode

Daily Informer writes "Last night the Season Premiere of South Park Season 14 aired around the world, attracting 3.7million viewers in the USA alone. It was known before the airing of the episode that it was to be based around the Tiger Woods sex scandal and that the episode would be called "Sexual Healing" – however it wasn't officially stated that the game would also revolve around Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, the video game that will be releasing later this year. Earlier this afternoon a source close to the development of the popular video game franchise contacted Daily Informer to let us know of EA's disgust. Hit the jump to read the full story."

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Uncle Rico3502d ago

Good luck with that. I hope EA read the disclaimer South Park displays at the beginning of....EVERY EPISODE ever made.

-Alpha3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

South Park rocks. Actually, their new episodes are nowhere near the genius of their older ones, but that's besides the point.

EA needs to grow a backbone and learn to take a joke. Lmao, they are claiming copyright issues. Hitler called EA, he wants Nazism back.

MurderMyDoll3502d ago

^ Could not stop laughing at the hitler joke haha

Blaze9293502d ago

LOL EA is just wasting their time. @Uncle Rico pretty much nailed it.

blasian3502d ago

dam ppl need to lighten up a bit... this is like when family guy got on sarah palin lol good times

Anorexorcist3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

"this is like when family guy got on sarah palin"

Actually it's not. That situation didn't go any further than Sarah Palin's complaints about Family Guy making the rounds in the media.

No this is more on the level with that old bag Carol Burnett trying to sue Family Guy for having one of those random "This is just like that one time that I..." moments when it involved a parody of the introduction to the Carol Burnett show. Dumb, blue-haired prune tried to sue, yet it never went to litigation because it was just that, a parody, and those don't fall under any kind of defamation or slander laws.

The act of parodying is actually backed by the first amendment.

mikepmcc3502d ago

South Park literally makes fun of EVERYTHING, so how can certain companies take personal offense? I don't understand it, they should take it with a grain of salt.

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

So PGA Tour 11 DOES include fighting with Wood's wife? O_o

It wasn't really the funniest episode.

HSx93502d ago

"Tiger Woods" according to south park.

Ok, that can be tiger woods, but it can also be many Black people in this world

Maybe this guy should sue too:

or maybe this guy

RAZORLAND3502d ago

Has that phrase EVER been uttered in real life?

Coffin873501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

i cant stop laughin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@1.1 - "This just makes the episode even funnier"
couldn't agree more. this catapults the episodes joke into new heights. unbelievable!!

this is what i call WIN!!

EDIT: @1.8:
i suggest you go see the episode. ;D they mean tiger woods without doubt.
could be i don't quite get your comment though. ^^

vhero3501d ago

Well hope they get there law suit and shut that PSO show down its a disgraceful show that kids manage to catch even though they shouldn't and teaches them things they shouldn't learn.

Rocket Sauce3501d ago

Won't somebody please think of the CHILDREN?!?!?!

I bet EA Sports is run by a wizard alien.

harrisk9543501d ago

First, the lawsuit will only make MORE people want to see the epidode-- people that don't even watch South Park... So, as usual, a person who feels wronged by a parody calls more attention to the situation which helps promote the parody!

Second, and most importantly, this is PARODY!! EA cannot sue for parody! It is protected speech. We still have that in America - protected speech... No normal person would ever confuse the "game" they showed in the episode with the real Tiger Woods golf game.

EA (and the rest of corporate America) needs to lighten up!!!!

RBlaze3501d ago

...That Trey Parker and Matt Stone will jump on this. No doubt, more EA episodes will appear, as they create episodes based on what is going on in the world.

Seriously, they have done 3 episodes on George Lucas and Spielburg! People complaining about things is where they get their ideas from! Guarantee.. the second half of this season will contain a direct EA episode.

Panthers3501d ago

They werent even ripping on EA Sports Tiger Woods golf. They were using it to show that people only care about this scandal and once it wears off, golf will suck once again.

FragMnTagM3501d ago

Look how long they were covering this story and how many news outlets were doing it. It is quite ridiculous how long they were dwelling on it really.

This is a what a half hour or an hour of making fun of the debacle and that is somehow worse?

There were far more newsworthy things to put on the television at the time, like the crap that was going down in Afghanistan.

EA, just needs to get over it, and stop being idiots.

locos853501d ago

I went to the store to try and buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The woman at the counter didn't know what it was....So I told her it's a game about a black guy that crashes his car, fux prostitutes, and hits people with golf clubs..... then after a couple of minutes she comes out with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010!!!!

f7897903501d ago

Funny how that disclaimer actually does something. I ignore it now.

jamesgtaiv3501d ago

Because its Southpark making fun of Tiger thats ruining his career, not Tiger woods him self.

thetruthinator3501d ago

Yeah Tiger is the real victim here... Not EA.

8thnightvolley3501d ago

that southpark episode was soooo FUNNY.. i was stoned while watching and loved every moment.. ea should just learn to take a joke.. gezz

ThanatosDMC3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Sexual addiction is a serious disease that's infecting 99% of all men after all... HAHAHAH! Tiger couldnt help to want to have sex with other women because of all that money. I mean, they experimented on a monkey to prove it!

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George Sears3502d ago

Episode was pretty lame overall.

Therealspy17763502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

the episode was really one of their worst. however, i did like the overall point they made. That golf NEEDED this whole ordeal just to make it interesting. as soon as the hype wears off, everyone will go back to not giving a sh!t about golf.

Kornholic3501d ago

Oh geez louise, Therealspy1776. The episode was NOT about making golf interesting.

greatjimbo783501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Therealspy1776. You really didn't get the underling point to the whole show did you. Here's a hint! It had something to do with a type of bush, liking said bush too much, and the excuses that follow an encounter with this type of bush.

Therealspy17763501d ago

i know that you probably spends hours each day looking around on n4g and other forums and sites trying to argue with people. but, this is pretty silly. i got the other points. you obviously missed the point that i saw. even though they made a comment at the very end of the episode that proved my point. just like most southpark episodes, they poke fun at many aspects of social behavior. well...ONE of those jokes was that golf sucks. and that golf needed this in order for a few people to gain interest. last time anyone cared about golf was when tiger first started playing and winning a decade ago. now it's up to him again to give it a jolt...which is fleeting. and that point was definitely made in the show, and i appreciated the observation. you two, on the other hand, obviously aren't that bright and are incapable of seeing the sub-points and felt the need to flaunt your ignorance publicly. it wasn't just about being obsessed with sex, and it wasn't just about 'bush'

greatjimbo783501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Cool story bro!

Please don't use the word "ignorance" if you have no understanding of irony. That was not a "sub plot", merely a gag that ran throughout parts of the show. I think you maybe one of those people that like South Park because they swear and stuff, but don't actually get the social message behind the humour.

The main point was not about "being obsessed with sex". It was about the faux addiction to sex, and the excuses rich and powerful people use to excuse their so called un-moralistic behaviour. It also showed us that our actions in these matters are totally under our own control, and that the recent examples(hence why there were other known celebrity's involved in sex scandals)are just symptomatic of the nature of man when in a position of power.

But hey, this is merely subjective, and I don't think anyone was trying to belittle you. You did a good job all on your own with that.

And I quote!

"i did like the overall point they made. That golf NEEDED this whole ordeal just to make it interesting. as soon as the hype wears off, everyone will go back to not giving a sh!t about golf. "

First you say the overall point, now you're saying it was a sub plot.
Which one is it?

Reg823501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Taken to pain school fool etc etc.....

Ruind3501d ago

un-moralistic: see immoral.

Kettle, I'd like to introduce you to Pot.

greatjimbo783500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Nice try though. Although it could be argued that this type of behaviour is naturalistic rather than moralistic.

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Megaton3502d ago

There's the EA I hate. Been awhile since you've popped your head out since Activision's been stealing your shine.

Johnny Rotten3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

cheezzy poofs!!

Tiger Woods is an athlete who cares if he cheated on his wife, David Letterman did does any one care? so did the guy I work with, does anyone care?

SouthPark had Opera's vagina talking, and Paris Hilton's vagina was the size of a city did anyone care... with her lazy eye who would!


Uncle Rico3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

If I were Tiger, I would have gone ahead and played golf the day after the allegations and kick the other golfers a**es. Those sponsors couldn't turn a blind eye in pretending that they promote faithfulness because sponsoring the 2nd best golfer would basically say your equipment is for the the losers.

JustTheFactsMr3502d ago

Now they have just guaranteed it will get 10x the coverage.

For a lawsuit they can't possibly win.


Anorexorcist3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

“...there are definitely a few copyright infringements in there that I’m sure will be dealt with accordingly”.

What could those infringements possibly be? Did EA patent the idea to seamlessly integrate a fighting game within a golf game already?

It was a parody, and not a real-life representation of a real product. EA's attorneys needs to pull their head out of their collective corporate a$$ and realize that. This is Carol Burnett-type stupidity going at it again.

JustTheFactsMr3502d ago

For lots of things I'd agree in that even bad publicity can be "good". But around the Tiger Woods situation I think the old adage "Let a sleeping dog lie" was the most prudent route.