Game Rant: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

Zac Landry of Game Rant writes, "I can't put into words how excited I was when I heard Rare was porting the classic N64 FPS Perfect Dark over to the Live Arcade. Perfect Dark was easily my favorite (and most played) game of my teen years. It was the first game with bots on the system and it came packed with so many different game modes and customization options that have still not been matched by games of the current generation.

Take any other console FPS out there and you'll quickly find that there is always something featured in Perfect Dark that the other game lacks. The only problem I had with Perfect Dark was the games controls. After playing Halo on the original Xbox and getting used to dual stick controls I was no longer able to go back to the single stick gameplay. I have long waited for the day I could play Perfect Dark with updated controls so I can once again enjoy my favourite game of all time. That day has come and only for 800 Ms points."

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