Go! Gaming Giant's Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview: Triple Shot Sports and Rage of the Gladiator

From the review:

"Sometimes, there are games that I absolutely dread talking about. Triple Shot Sports is one such game. Anyone who follows me each week is well aware that I have played a lot of bad games in my time, but this is among some of the worst. I am amazed that somebody thought it would be okay to sell this game to poor unsuspecting gamers for 500 points. Even paying a dollar for the original iPhone version seems like a bit of a rip-off to me, but I digress. If you ever had any intention of purchasing this game, then I urge to read on. Don't worry, this won't take long."

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Murgatroyd73501d ago

I'm getting so tired of bad iPhone ports!

RaymondM3501d ago

I hear ya man, developers need to get on their game (no pun intended) when making ports. Its like no one even cares when a ported game sucks. And if its on a phone, I'd like to think that I paid for a decent game to help me pass the time since smart phones cost an arm and a leg.

omicron0093501d ago

Rage of the Gladiator sounds pretty good, might have to check it out

Shnazzyone3500d ago

ghostfire did motion right with helix... this looks pretty good, indeed.