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RememberThe3573494d ago

And they say the Move is just a glorified Wii Mote...

Timesplitter143494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

You know that part where he puts the PS3mote on his head and looks around in the room?

Imagine an FPS that plays like that. You have one PS3mote on your head to look around and one in your right or left hand to shoot and walk with the joystick.

I think the PS3's answer to motion sensing is the only way to make real hardcore games with motion sensing

Well it would actually work better with 3 PS3motes to get the traditionnal FPS controls plus the head movement (left stick = walk, right stick = turn the whole body, head = look around), but anyway

Mista T3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

console war over, pack it in

but anyway this is amazing

Timesplitter143494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

oh um... screw my idea.

If you move your head around, you can't see the TV anymore, lol

(god damnit)

acedoh3494d ago

I really can't wait to see how developers augment this into games. Can you imagine being able to multi function in a game like Agent. Which is making me think it may use Move. Checking out a map and using Google to do a satellite search and then checking another screen to search files. It reminds me a lot of the device in Heavy Rain called ARI... This can really create a whole new genre of games. On top of that it will be able to do many other functions. Watching downloadable content on a portion of the screen while checking the internet. It really is a way to future proof the PS3.

morganfell3494d ago

The sensitivity would be set so you only have to move your head a little and look 90 degrees to one side. This is how Track IR works on the PC. You can actually look behind you in a game by only turning your head a few inches. But Move takes that idea, puts it on steroids and then evolves it.

br41n5c4n3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Cool technology, but I'm not about to hold a f***ing flashlight horizontally to a well respected 12-hour game... I have the eye already and it is f***ing useless.....

Neo6043494d ago

now you can see the pseye can do anything Natal can do.

feelintheflow3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

in the movie Minority Report, they weren't holding a controller, just gloves. Looks awesome, but come on, not quite the same thing.

Edit: Really, they did use controllers? I am guessing the guys who disagreed with me must have watched a different movie than I. Silly Fanboys. I wasn't dissing the tech, I said it looked awesome, I just was saying that they shouldn't exactly call it minority report.

Yeti423494d ago


My thesis is pretty much about what you just said. A portable headtracking system for moving through environments in first person. And you're right, moving your head makes your view of the display change or even disappear, but there are ways around this.... ;)

DarkTower8053494d ago

The Move has been known to be 3D since the 1st tech demo at E3 2009. So take your flaimbait "bu bu but" comment and gtfo the gamer zone. Can't there be one intelligent thread without flaimbait comments?

menoyou3494d ago

this is AMAZING. i cant imagine the possibilities. im almost hoping they abandon the regular controller after seeing this. wow, just wow.

-Alpha3494d ago

Wait till they have the games centered around motion control. Games built up around this concept can really be revolutionary. And just like that I'm hyped for motion control again

Ravage273494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

wish they had time to implement it in Heavy Rain. Such a shame, it could have been a wonderful showcase of the technology. Maybe QD's next project will be revolve around Move?

Really cool stuff being shown here and can you imagine doing all that in true 3D?

I was crazy about RTS a few years i have a reason to be excited again :)

TheTwelve3494d ago

For the first time, I'm excited about Playstation Move. Goodness.


inveni03494d ago

The gloves in Minority Report had lights on the pointer finger and thumb. The real technological leap in that movie was the screen...not the glove.

hetz153494d ago

This is awesome... can't wait to buy them :)

tizack3494d ago

I think 2 years back sony did a demo of head detection and tracking using just the ps eye. So the move isn't even necessarily needed for this concept to work... on topic, that video was pretty sweet...

Neo6043494d ago

so are you the one that said Natal is the only 3D camera?

jack_burt0n3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

first part of the show but with no sound >_< still worth watching.

there are 3 other parts.

edit:notice how much he throws it up in the air lol they have been reading N4G and Gaf seen the gif.

Ravage273494d ago

a 3D horror game where you use the Move as a torchlight/camera (as shown in the video) as you investigate and interact with the world around you.

3D and the horror genre - a match made in heaven. Combined with a unique control scheme, it could be the killer app Sony's looking for

DarkTower8053494d ago

sorry, I'm not a fanboy like you nor would I ever wish to be. One day when you grow up, you'll take a step back and see how foolish your comments are.

sikbeta3494d ago

Just WOW! Simply Awesome, I not going say it's revolutionary and such, but what I Watched is Simply Epic, I'm out of the motion-trend, but This Video is jaw-dropping, Amazing...

The Maxx3494d ago

Sorry...Not as good as this.

Move looks a little awkward with what he was doing and holding 2 controllers.

I prefer the REAL minority report without the use of controllers and just using your hands.....kind of like NATAL.

insomnium3494d ago

Ofc you prefer a Natal-like approach. Everyone knows that already there's no point in saying it.

yesah3494d ago

having a 360 degree television, and two motion controllers to control a fps. One on your head, and one for your gun. So look around to look around and move the gun one to move the gun, would be amazing.

ChozenWoan3494d ago

Natal... nor PSEye can truly track your hands like in minority report unless your pretty close to the camera. At least with PSMove you can be as far back as about 10-12 feet and still have 1 centimeter accuracy.

HolyOrangeCows3494d ago

"Why don't YOU guys make the games?"

LOL, good question. The tech demo guys have such cool ideas and most of the GDC games were so freaking lame.

HSx93494d ago

I'm sure Natal can provide better things.


Triella3494d ago

They demoed head tracking back in 2004 with the EyeToy :

Kevin ButIer3494d ago

You look hot on that pic Mr Trenton

ico923494d ago

i remember when i saw Minority Report when i was about 10 , and i always wondered if sometime in future, we would be able to control a dashboard or OS like in the movie, the funny thing is i didnt expect the technology to come so soon.

vhero3494d ago

Half the stuff in this video Natal could not do especially the 3D stuff as you would need the remote for full 360 degree turns. Natal only does basic directions as great as it is. Eyetoy was also limited to this. Great video just showing raw power and doesn't use any noticeable power of the PS3.

Karum3494d ago

Well technically they did have controllers of sorts in Minority Report. What else would you call those gloves that had the little light sensors or w/e on them?

I'd say by definition those are controllers.

Wasn't me that hit disagree though.

Leio3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

o_O thats some nice shieat

shawnsl653493d ago

They better start working on some horror games with this controller STAT!

I could see this working with Heavy Rain type games.

TotalPS3Fanboy3493d ago

can not be worded.

Alan Wake would be a perfect fit for the Playstation Move.

Microsoft Xbox 3603493d ago

Sony has been using 3DV camera's for a while now and they have come to a conclusion that it is basically useless. I feel sorry for Natal. It will bring nothing new that the ordinary PSEye can't do.

Microsoft Xbox 3603493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Still no PUBLIC tech demo's of Natal. MS themselves can't deliver on their promises.

Natal will flop. PS Move on the other hand, will be amazing.

Jamegohanssj53493d ago

I don't get the whole Minority Report thing. Can someone explain to me?


frostypants3493d ago

You're deluded if you think Natal will be able to pull this off. It's going to be EXTREMELY limited in the types of games it can do. It's doomed to be a one-trick pony.

And I own both systems. Natal just screams gimmick. It's old technology with lots of marketing hype behind it.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

" magine an FPS that plays like that. You have one PS3mote on your head to look around and one in your right or left hand to shoot and walk with the joystick. "

Look around where?
Unless your TV is your wall(by projection)
Other than that there is no point.

thesummerofgeorge3493d ago

You wouldn't literally need to turn your head all the way around, just like a mouse only requires you to move it a bit to the right to turn your character all the way around your head would only need to look to the right or left of the screen to turn the camera, the more you turn your head the faster the camera turns.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

That doesn't work for sh/t =/
Humans turn their head to view what they want to see, you will be tilting and turning your head just to focus on something and then recenter your view.
Doesnt even make sense at all.

IaMs123493d ago

im sorry but if people are saying you will look stupid playing the Natal you will look even stupider playing an FPS holding a the PS3mote on your head. Sorry but i think thats an even worse idea, work yes, but best no. Anyways not bad, look like either way we go it will be great.

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

Silent Hill game and Move... hmmm...

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morganfell3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Bubbles. There isn't a better word. If you think it is cool seeing this now, just think what they will pull out for E3.

Some games let you have a flashlight in a game, this lets you actually hold it in your 3D.

acedoh3494d ago

will attract just about anyone to the PS3. Wii like games to a whole new level. Hard core games become something totally new to play. PC gamers will now have the accuracy of a mouse in shooters. The people who see this in action will become believers just as I have. I traded in my Wii after six months. I didn't have a lot of faith in Move. That is until now. I am excited for what this will be capable of and what will come over the next few years.

Therealspy17763494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

it's just a slightly more sensitive wii mote. nintendo's idea was revolutionary. it's because of their success MS and Sony even bother.

why is it that only sony can do stuff right? explain it to me please. for the last 6 months i've had to hear from the ps3 troop that natal is lame (which i agree with), but suddenly this is cool?'s just as lame. if you wanna play gimmicky little games like they get for the wii for the most part, then yeah, this can be fun. but it's not what the hardcore wants...or wanted. apparently it's not what the hardcore wanted til ps3 fanboys found out ps3 is doing it, now it's great. this hypocrisy is really getting old.

and look up the word "revolutionary" before tossing it around like it means "mundane." look it up along with 'hypocrite'

bye bubbles (can't say anything bad or even neutral about ps3 here on 'News' for "Gamers")

@below: Fine, then say it's a nice improvement. but it's nothing new. it's not an original idea. it's just another stolen one where they had 3 years to improve upon it but weren't willing to take the risk til they saw if nintendo could pull it off. so my point still stands. and of course i watched the video. A 2D space called 3D because you can change angles just like in every other current console on the market. i'm sure if nintendo wanted to develop a demo where your wii mote controls the motion of a camera, it would look exactly the same.

bottom line is, it's only revolutionary when sony says it's their technology...even when we all know it isn't.

acedoh3494d ago

You fail to comment on what was shown. The Wii was revolutionary. This takes the Wii motion to a whole new level. Having a camera with a more advanced console makes a world of difference. Despite what you may believe. Being able to multi function is a big asset. Not just to gaming but just about anything. Maybe nothing will come of all this. And then again maybe we will see some amazing games that use these abilities. I guess only time will tell...

br41n5c4n3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Right on acedoh.. Motion controls for gaming = 3-d for film...RUIN!!!!!!!!! BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the powerglove was the very first in motion controls!!!! it was found in the $5 bins after its failure, but it was the first and it was made by Nintendo..So the big N wins afterall.

acedoh3494d ago

make the PS3 a great long term investment. You have advanced motion control and soon 3d gaming and movies. These are all things that have existed. I played 3D games on my Sega Master System with the glasses. I played motion gaming on the PS2 and Wii. Now it goes to a whole new level that keeps it exciting. As long as SONY supports it and doesn't dump it like we have seen console makers do with add ons...

jack_burt0n3494d ago


thats the strongest part all 3rd party nintendo developers are struggling so there is going to be the instant support of a whole slew of developers/publishers that will ensure it gets support it might mean sony needing to be pretty aggressive about getting it into homes but they could bundle 1 move and the eyetoy with every ps3 for 2 months and kickstart the hell out of it.

acedoh3494d ago

They need to put it into every PS3 at whatever cost. You can't expect success unless everyone who buys a PS3 has it whether they wanted it or not. If you make it optional it will only segment the group. If you pack it into all future PS3's then even existing consumers will want it.

Cueil3494d ago

I wish I had the nuts to lie to get bubbles... this kind of stuff isn't new at all

Christopher3494d ago

Care to provide links to the videos that shows the 3d manipulation of of objects and environments that were shown in the video using a motion controller that wasn't the PS Move?

I get that the concept of motion controllers aren't new, but the precision is above the others as shown so far and much like Natal what makes it truly shine is the software implemented with it.

inveni03494d ago

Here you go:

It's just Sony at work again, though.

If you ask me, it was smart of Sony and Microsoft to let Nintendo test the motion market again. It's failed every other time it's ever been presented to the public. The problem was that console makers thought people didn't want motion, but the truth is that people weren't even really comfortable with computers back when the PowerGlove come out. And when things like the PowerGlove and Activator and etc, etc were released, the technology wasn't reliable enough to make the experience easy AND enjoyable. PowerGlove had sooooo many buttons. Activator was a joke. Only in recent years could motion actually make it.

As long as the developers do something with the tech besides sports games, it'll last. Otherwise, it'll just be a fad that will phase out.

Christopher3494d ago

I'm confused... did you read what I wrote in context to what they showed in the video? Specifically, manipulating planes in a 3d field with a motion controller rather than the usual overlaying of a graphical representation for swinging a sword, which is what the title of this article is also referencing.

XabiTheHumble3494d ago

It wasn't created by Nintendo it was created by Mattel.

The Maxx3494d ago

LOL THAT is NOT Revolutionary..


Cloud Strife VII3494d ago

This is awesome... can't wait to buy this.