Nintendo's Lost and Late IPs

It's reasonable to say that gamers will eat up anything Nintendo puts out. And that's not a bad thing since the vast majority of their games are great. So it might be surprising that a lot of their series that we Western gamers have recently gotten to play are actually old news for the Japanese. Even worse, there are several games that Nintendo still hasn't bothered bringing to the West. Let's take a look at all the games that we haven't gotten to play (and all the profit Nintendo has missed out on).

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BlackIceJoe3502d ago

I think Giftpia looks like it would have been a neat/weird game. But Cool at the same time. I wonder if Nintendo could bring it out on the Wii for people that do not live in Japan. I also have been wanting Nintendo to bring out Captain Rainbow that looks like it would be an awesome Wii game if it would come out in North America.

I also would love to see Nintendo make a new Star Tropics game. Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru looks like it would have been a interesting game too. I wish Nintendo could bring it out on the DS.

I really wish Nintendo of America would bring out more of these games. So many great games NoA passes on because NoA thinks no one would want them. But I for one do. So I really hope NoA will start bring more games out from Japan.