Xbox 360 Slim Most Likely To Be Released With Natal

Sony manufactured the PS3 Slim at a cheaper price than that of the normal PS3. Microsoft could very likely be borrowing the idea to keep things reasonably priced without losing money.

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Gradient3497d ago

Not sure I want a slim 360, it's already small enough + slim RROD is a no-no.

RememberThe3573497d ago

I'm hoping that with a Slim MS corrects some of the design flaws that they have so far been unable to fully correct. Plus, if the rumor of a price tag of $149 is true, I could not pass it up.

MrMacabre3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Do you really think MS will come through on hardware? They may drop the price but I doubt it'll be any more reliant.

It would be a good move for PR as MS seems to be deserting its hardcore following in aim of taking Wii's success by force and what better way to do it than pretending that it's a completely new console? Sounds like MS PR to me.

Either way a price drop is good news in any sense. Means you waste less money when it RRODs.

feelintheflow3497d ago

but how quickley everyone forgets how reliable and sturdy the first xbox was compared to the ps2. They screwed up big time rushing the 360 to market, but who is to say how long they have been researching a slim re-design. The PS3 has been incredibly reliable, the ps2, had 3 of them, the ps1 had 2 of them, were not so reliable, so things can change.

RememberThe3573497d ago

Exactly, the Xbox was rock solid. I have no doubt that they can build a sturdy piece of hardware but I am by no means convinced that they will actually do it.

-Alpha3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Yeah, people are quick to label MS as unreliable when just last gen it was the other way around.

The problem with the 360 was that MS wanted to release before Sony to get the headstart and that lead to them overlooking the hardware. It was a foolish oversight, but MS is capable of making good hardware, as proven with Xbox 1. The PS2 on the other hand was the more notorious victim to hardware issues.

If the Xbox slim rumors are true then I'll have to wait for it. I want Reach and a cheaper 360 as I do not like the idea of dropping $300 for another console so soon.

Also, as it has been proven, Sony didn't start the slim concept, it has been around for many generations


Yeah, exactly, MS has to earn my trust. I never adopt consoles right away no matter what as issues may tend to exist. MS screwed up with RRoD, and though it was a seemingly easy error they made they have to prove to me that they are more cautious. BTW, u and flow have a similar avatar pic :P

Oh, and if they do release a slim 360 I want it separate from Natal so its cheaper. I really don't care for motion control, and I hope MS, if they make a slim, have separate SKUs at varying prices.

captain-obvious3497d ago

why wold MS pay more money on making a slim 360 ??
its not like its not selling or its not like its expensive ??
and the newer models are way better then the older ones so yah
i still cant see why
but yah if there is any
it'll be with NATAL

br41n5c4n3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Why would you make a slim version of an already flawed hardware? Fix it!!!!! I already have to install every game to the hard drive to quiet it down.

erathaol3497d ago

I always figured the Arcade was the Slim version as its cheaper and stripped down to the essentials. It will be interesting to see what they announce at E3 since they still need to show off the Natal games they have been working on. Would be funny to see a Just Dance come to Natal.

SeNiLe9113497d ago

I don't think any Xbox 360 will be sold without Natal added once it releases. They have said it will be like a new console launch and like the Wii not selling motion separate, The Xbox I doubt will sell without Natal added. I don't think the price of the Xbox 360 will come down either. This way they can add Natal and not have to charge more.

Can't wait for E3 to see what the Dev's are up too.

Blaze9293497d ago

you all must really be retarded to think MS will release a faulty system revision again. The 360 is faulty only because it was rushed and they wanted to be Sony like Alpha said. With the slim, there's no rush nor no reason to be cheap since parts will be cheaper and OBVIOUSLY they don't want the same bad press surrounding it like the 360 did when that launch.

It's common sense.

DailyAddict3497d ago

I don't really care for a slim, but a redesigned 360 for me is a must. The current one is built like crap with its 1994 cheap sounding disk tray, overpriced wi-fi adapter and cheap black plastic. It's an eyesore in my entertainment system and they definitely need a nicer one that looks like they actually put some effort into designing it and not just building it as cheap as humanly possible to save as much money on production as they could.

Even the Wii has more design quality than the 360. The PS3 and Wii blend in with your entertainment system quite nice and the 360 is like a lingering fart.

XabiTheHumble3497d ago

Actually the original xbox was also unrealible it just wasnt known about because it only sold 24 million as for the ps2, of course its realbility would be more acknowledged. It sold 140 million consoles.

champ213497d ago

Xbox slim wont be cheap.

Its microsoft only trying to delude ppl.

150usd price for the xbox slim
100usd for the Hd
100usd for the wifi
50usd for live/year

+10usd per game console tax

Id take a pc anyday.

HSx93496d ago

If it's a slim, there wont be room for rings, so you can ignore the fact that u will get the Red Ring Of Death, you will just get worse errors, internal errors, and less hardware probably means it's going to be easier to hack.

jaysquared3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Quit hating.. 360 slim will come out this year and when it does it will increase its lead over the PS3 to 10 million and will pretty much guarantee the PS3 comes in third this Gen.. If that happens consider the PS3 a failure for Sony but still a great gaming console/movie player for gamers! Then in fall 2011 I wouldn't be surprise if M$ comes out with the 720..

AAACE53496d ago

If they were to release it, it would hit around september like ps3 slim did! However, I would also expect a bundle for the 360 and Ps3 motion control offerings. It would get ownwer of older consoles to buy newer remodeled ones and give casuals what they want right out the box!

lelo2play3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

X360 Slim would be a good move by Microsoft. If the X360 Slim after release becomes a reliable console, it would improve the image that the consumers have about the X360. Because of the bad publicity the RROD has produced, lot of people don't buy the X360, not even the recent (more reliable) jasper model. If Microsoft plays their cards wright, it can be a relaunch of the X360 in the entire world (if it's RROD free and reliable). With the addiction of Natal, that's just a bonus .

God_Of_Epicness3496d ago

I may be end up buying it. I hope there's no RRoD this time. 4th time i bought this piece of trash but 149$? No doubts, i will buy it!

champ213496d ago

Dam you bought this crap 3 times already. I personally know people who have bought xbox 2 times atleast. Then given up gaming on the Xbox all together.

Buying the same crap 4 times over will be epic, thought console gaming was supposed to be cheap.. nvm.

catguykyou3496d ago

Why does everyone think Microsoft sucks so bad at hardware? Yes the 360 has problems that all seem to stem to the initial design (thus difficult to correct) but does anyone remember any problems with the original xbox? The thing was a tank. You couldn't break it if you wanted to. It was very very high quality and never had issues. Does one generation automatically make a company crappy at hardware? If so, was Sony crappy at hardware when everyone and their mother were getting DRE's from the PS2?

catguykyou3496d ago

There should be no reason at all for you to have bought 4 360s. The warranty on them is 3 years. You either didn't bother with the warranty and just bought another or your systems were hacked and thus voided your warranty. Which is it?

champ213496d ago

usa /= to the world

in many regions microsoft warranty is not valid. good luck trying to get a xbox repaired in the middle east, your only bet is getting a new one.

DJexs3496d ago

Still just a rumor but if they do set the prices lower they will win the console war.

RayMustang3496d ago

So it's like a Xbox 360 1.5
I don't really care if they do release a new Xbox 360
But me and everybody else, We already have a Xbox and if we switch to the Slim version cuz our old model will maybe RROD someday or stop working...

Now that's the big question
Will it be compatible with our current xbox 360 HDD?
Will they have a slot for it ?

See Microsoft, we get screwed all the time
Atleast Sony PS3 we can swap any 2,5 inch HDD

Alvadr3496d ago

I would actually buy a 360slim even though I already own a 360.

I just cant stand that hardware, its big, noisy, ugly and it has a power brick thats so big it needs its own fan.

Then I might enjoy gaming on my 360 a little more.

I own a fat PS3 and have no intention of geting a PS3slim as the hardware is already first class.

WildArmed3496d ago

I think it's be a great step against RRoD and other design flaws.

I got my 360 back from MS in Jan after an RRoD and it's already begining to stop reading games. If they do push an slim out, i'mma chuck this one and see if i can afford it down the road

catguykyou3496d ago

In this case US does = world.

"Microsoft Corp. today announced that it will expand its GLOBAL Xbox 360™ warranty coverage"

So my statement stands. Anyone who has said they purchased multiple 360s because of red rings either lied, was an idiot and didn't use their warranty, or hacked their system and voided their warranty in which case I don't feel bad for you at all.

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George Sears3497d ago

A slimmer model would be great to coexist with its Natal product since it'll entice potential buyers even more. If this is true then I would probably get one myself if all things go well with the hardware. They will benefit with somewhat of a relaunch of the 360 while at the same time market there new gimmick.

swiftshot933497d ago

Agreed. The opportunity is too great, this is definitely happening.

TrevorPhillips3497d ago

Don't like slims they get overheated quickly, I'll just stick with my 360.

BubbleSystemSuck3497d ago

And with your comment you win the Kelso Award of the day!

trancefreak3497d ago

How the hell do slims overheat when they are made from smaller electronics that produce less heat.

My ps3 slim is so much cooler an quiter than the original models its not even worth comparing.

3497d ago
ExPresident3497d ago

Sony products have been good for me, I own several of them. I don't reward companies like Microsoft, who knowingly put out a faulty product, nickle and dime people to death, with my money. I stick to what has been good to me and it isn't Microsoft.

ExPresident3497d ago

The article isn't about a specific game and it even mentions Sony in the beginning. As a consumer I'm betting Microsoft would like me to check out articles about their product so yeah, I'm in the XBox section reference this post.

Bzone243497d ago

"I don't reward companies like Microsoft, who knowingly put out a faulty product"

I take it you never owned a ps2.

Noob3497d ago

My 360 shakes the crap out my desk when I turn it on and it's very, very loud.

Midgard2283497d ago

yeah hope so, when i played my 360 a week ago for the first time in 8 months i thought there was a fighter jet about to take off, its so damn loud even after i installed games, then the day i tried to play halo sservers were i called MS complained and said "its ok i will just play my ps3" lol it was funny and mean and childish, but i didnt care haha