G4M episode 2 : A critical look at Playstation HOME

The G4M show takes a critical look at HOME and we not only explain where we think its gone wrong, but offer some suggestions to get it back on track.

In this edition of G4M.

1. Playstation HOME sucks.
2. What would happen if Microsoft had made...?
3. Heavy Rain review.

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Light Yagami3502d ago

I agree with the title. Home is a boring, overhyped POS. wasn't worth the wait.

mrv3213502d ago

It's also free and your not forced to use it. :P

You fell into the hype, you where disapointed.

Sonyslave33502d ago

Is home still in beta stage

-Alpha3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

You are entitled to your opinion, and I do agree Home hasn't reached its full potential, but it's still in beta. I'm not a BIG fan of Home, but people like it and it works. It was hyped to hell and back by Sony fanboys and the hype failed, so in that regard Home sucks, but on its own, when you strip away the childish fanboyism that went behind it, it's not as bad.

Also, I have to comment on your reasons why they suck:

1) Use a keyboard
2) Restricted areas? Be specific, please.
3) Agreed.

Also, about the loading screens: I've heard the new update significantly reduced loading times. Have you tried Home since?

I do find a majority of Home to be very underwhelming: games are slow and lack presentation (Poker), loading is long, and generally, there really is no reason to actually use the product.

However, I do like things like Xi, and I think more of that would be nice for Home. Home is supposed to get a big update this year, and surely it will evolve, but right now it's moving slowly. I have no reason to use it, and at best it's a time waster, and because of that I find no personal use for it. Yet, there are people that actually like Home and do stuff there regularly. On top of that it makes Sony money, so it's a win-win. Don't like it, don't use it. It's an optional service. Again, the only funny thing about Home is that fanboys and even Sony hyped it like it was the second coming of Online gaming. People are in denial that Home didn't release with half of what was promised. I have games to play, and I'll let Home evolve over time, periodically checking up on how it's doing.

edit @ below: Yeah I skipped over some parts, but I was making general comments. I think Sony should have focused on giving us a more robust PSN service but for some reason they made Home. I think that's my biggest fault with it: Sony should have used the resources to offer things like cross game chat and overall push PSN farther. With PSN Premium they seem to be doing just that, and they are asking for ideas from the community. I've been patient with PSN's lack of features, but considering it was free I had nothing to expect. Now Sony finally seems ready to push PSN and Premium seems to be their newest "revenue stream".

Games4M - Rob3502d ago

Alpha, from your comment it sounds like you only watched the first 30 seconds of the article. If you take the time to watch the full thing then we explain it more detail, offer fixes to all the issues we mention, and acknowledge the recent patch.

What we are getting at is that HOME could be a lot better than it is with minimal tweaks.

xTruthx3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

First, the title is "G4M Episode Two!" not that

Second, PS home sucks so much its always full.

Edit: Pics I took right now on HOME

Hmm I wonder y the ads dont show when you take a shot lol, and yes there was still people loading. thats y you see some transparent people lol

-Alpha3502d ago

Give it time. Home is an evolutionary process.

Evolution: little time = small changes, lots of time= major changes.

Home today is nothing like it was when it started, it grows. I understand that Home sucks because it's slow, somewhat clunky, and overall has no real purpose, but I find it hard to criticize Home for lacking features when it's free and optional.

Consider this: If we paid for Home and it was at the state it is now it would be completely unacceptable.

My biggest issue with Home is that Sony neglects what users really want. The majority of people don't care for Home, but we do want the features like partying up, starting a game, etc.

Sony needs to do what MS has succeeded in with LIVE and that is uniting friends together and creating a network where friends are constantly connected without the need for a whole separate product like Home. I want to be able to send invites, cross chat, party up, etc. from my XMB instead of launching Home.

I have my fingers crossed with PSN Premium-- in fact, Sony is asking for ideas from users right now and collecting numerous ideas from fans and I strongly believe that this is the big step PSN has been waiting for.

Government Cheese3502d ago

Home has just received a Star Wars store so that is a plus for me. Stormtroopers ftw

cyborg69713502d ago

I see they changed the name of the article. At least it's better than "Why playstaion home sucks". That was not needed.

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halojunkie3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

but concedering other things are getting approved since the outburts of "jack tretton takes shots at natal" article,its ok to approve a dirt article like this. comical really. and if microsoft made it it probably wouldent be better, since they dont invent their own things it wouldent be here.

Godmars2903502d ago

Did you actually look at the thing?

3501d ago
Nicaragua3501d ago

nice racist comment aganst the entire British nation - way to go asshole.

norman293502d ago

"offer some suggestions to get it back on track."

It never went off track lameo

dktxx23502d ago

Technically, Move could never have gone off track in the first, as Sony's still laying down the track, if you know what I mean.

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