GameZone: MotoGP 09/10 Review

GameZone writes: "If you can't find the line, you've lost. Period – end of story … Well, maybe not, but MotoGP 09/10 is about as unforgiving a motorcycle racer as they come.

First off, let's address the title, to eliminate further confusion. Monumental Games, in concert with Capcom (the publisher) has included a rather robust number of races in this motorcycle-based title. The game includes all the MotoGP content from the 2009 championship season and because the intent is to have downloadable content from the 2010 season as it becomes available, you have a game that spans two seasons of hard-track motorcycle racing. That's good news for fans of the series; in fact, it's good news for anyone interested in the title. However, things are not all rosy with this game."

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Bigpappy3501d ago

They have done the best with this MotoGP series. Even their first try was better than this.