Playstation Move: Does precision really matter?

Gamer Limit writes "But while Microsoft's Project Natal is redefining motion control, Sony is iterating upon Nintendo's success – all in the name of "precision". Is that enough? Ultimately, does precision really matter?"

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GrahameG3495d ago

Precision matters if the game depends on it. So if Sony has a bunch of first and third party titles secured that will capitalise on the tech then it's a winner.

But Wii Sports didn't have much "precision" and it was awesome (for a while), so who knows?

Jorrel563495d ago

Except for the fact that precision games are extremely light. Basically golf games are the only ones where precision actually matters and is worth using the controls. FPS with PS Move, no thanks.

whateva3495d ago

that was crazy wii could never do that unless it comes out with a camera system like the PS Move!

Blaster_Master3495d ago

"Does precision really matter?" asked the loyal Microsoft loyalist. LOL! Does a bear crap in the woods? LOL

gaffyh3495d ago

I hate it when people question things that push the industry forward. Of course it matters, graphics matter, gameplay matters, everything matters.

That's like saying, does HD matter? Yes it matters because it was the next evolution of TV, and now 3D is the next evolution. Does Blu-Ray matter? Yes, because we need more space for all the HD and 3D stuff that is coming so quickly.

Christopher3495d ago

*Looks at SOCOM 4 gameplay with Move*

*Looks at article*

Gee, I wonder...

heroicjanitor3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"But while Microsoft's Project Natal is redefining motion control, Sony is iterating upon Nintendo's success"

Natal showed a demo of a ball and of throwing paint, how the hell did ms manage to get the media on their side? They must be laughing to themselves, "Yes! People are interested in our camera! They've forgotten how bad the eyetoy was!"

beardpapa3495d ago

Precision motion control + programmable/mappable 'nunchuk' controller + RTS = new age of console rts.

Jorrel563495d ago

FPS games with motion control are gimmicky imo. Console controllers are a step down from mouse/keyboard for FPS games and motion control is a step down from console controllers. It might be fun at first but it will soon become annoying and you will be right back to controller.

Not to mention using motion control with online FPS games = getting owned by people using controller.

sid4gamerfreak3495d ago

Precision matters if the game depends on it. FPS, a big gaming genre, relies on precision.

R6ex3495d ago

I was about to buy a Wii ... UNTIL I tried a few games and realized the unacceptable amount of lag in all movements.

I'm hoping for a PS3 MOVE that'll be ultra precise!

BulletToothtony3495d ago

as long as you hate sony..

and if you do, you have to come up with articles like these so u feel better about owning a lower end console.

Blaze9293495d ago

The ONLY thing I didn't get about the Socom 4 MOVE demonstration was how little the guy was moving and he was sitting down. So the whole time I'm thinking, "ok, what the hell is the point then? Why not just use a controller if you aren't doing much 'MOVING'?"

Precision matters depending on the game. Like Dukes seems like it will be a good fighter I'd buy MOVE for. But Socom 4? Not at all

The Wood3495d ago


seemed more like a guncon game without the rails. moving around the living room would be a little pointless. Table tennis maybe but an fps/tps no way. Im still wondering how the FCUK natal can make any games like what weve seen of socom. not gunna happen without some kind of dedicated controller

Anon19743495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I've played some Wii games that were fun as hell. That being said, I tried playing a couple of shooters on the Wii and it left me hollering in frustration at the lack of precision. That might have changed with that addon that the Wii's marketing, but I'll be damned if I'd buy an addon to make my controller work like it should have in the first place. Moot point now, as I sold my Wii over a year ago now.

Depending on the game, precision can make or break a title.

nikoado3494d ago

@ 1.9

The hardware seems pretty accurate to me. Some people actually play better with the move.
"I've spoken to the SOCOM team and they've had troubles because the motion control people sometimes really kick the *** of the DualShock people."

Someone already tried it out with SC2
"Actually I hooked up this device through some hackery to a PC to play a bunch of games. I actually played Starcraft... I could actually play, not just screw around but play"

And then theres this...
"It's so intuitive that some developers have hooked this up to Maya for modelling, and they actually prefer it over a mouse."

Those quotes came from this article
You should read it, it's a good read.

beardpapa3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

@Blaze: The whole point of that Socom 4 demonstration with the Move is to show the versatility of the device and that developers can use it for a variety of other ideas outside of bodily movements. If you think the Move was designed for games utilizing strictly bodily movements then you need to think outta the box. Anyway, if you watch the video you'll see that the character and reticule move independently of each other just like RE4 on the Wii, except it plays more like an fps and none of that retarded cursor-off-screen continuous movement found in Wii fps games.

pain777pas3494d ago

When a Killer FPS or any first person game like Fallout Vegas implement this properly we will see that this might be the best motion controller for all games that we will try. The thing about this controller based on what been shown is the potential for an immediate payoff is there. We will just have to wait and see what the Sony devs have up their sleeves. Seriously, I have a feeling that one of the most immersive hardcore games will be announced at E3 using this control and precision will be paramount. This combo with the camera tracking the light as an assist to the motion tech sounds like its going to be sound. I have a good feeling on the potential of the device not impressed with the games they have shown but, in the hands of a Naughty dog, Santa monica, Guerilla games or even that videogame company you have to be a tad excited to see what they can come up with. Lets not forget Quantic Dreams who knows if they have been working on this stuff with a small team during heavy rain development and now will focus on this. I think Quantic and this controler would be a good marriage.

3XP3494d ago

I noticed when the guy threw the grenade it pressed a button to do so. Since you are holding a motion controller, why not go through a throwing motion to throw a grenade.

Also, did the Move control anything else other than the aiming reticle. It only turn the player when the reticle was going off the screen. All other controls were done with the analog stick.

I don't get it.

HolyOrangeCows3494d ago

...ummmm, is the answer yes?

lol, what a stupid article.

TotalPS3Fanboy3494d ago

I mean, what do I need precision for? Taking a sniper headshoot in Socom 4?

ThanatosDMC3493d ago

WTF kind of question is this?! It's like asking if a sniper rifle's precision matters... idiocy at its finest. Or you could compare it to a mouse or controller that's broken... why would you want a broken mouse or controller?

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overlordror3495d ago

This is such bullcrap. I mean, Sony called Nintendo's motion controls a gimmick and now they're doing the same crap. Way to be innovative, Sony. Stick a bulb on a Wii-mote and call it something different.

Jorrel563495d ago

Doesn't mean it still isn't riding the coat tails of the Wii 100%

beardpapa3495d ago

So when did Sony call Nintendo's hardware a gimmick? AFAIK it was the gamers before the Wii was released that called it a gimmick.

The Wood3495d ago

i dare u to reply

n4gno3494d ago

what a donkey statement :)

by the way, it's only ms who change their mind with wii success, sony has always been in motion control bizness ! sixaxis, eye toy, etc

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TheDarkCynic3495d ago

Kevin Butler says it matters, so I think it matters.

I DARE you to argue with Kevin Butler.

Sonyslave33495d ago

Hell yeah it matter sony keep preaching how the precision of move is better then the wii.If it turn out the Precision of Move is not better then the wii sony fail.

Fullish3495d ago

Well if a game has an extremely fiddly part (maybe lock picking), I would much prefer to be using the Move.

Jorrel563495d ago

Elder Scrolls! Swords/Combat + lock picking = epic PS Move title

Wrathman3494d ago

clearly from sales of the wii...NO

TheGameLlama3495d ago

Well, now we can finally get that on-rails PS3 shooter we've always wanted.

... wait, what? We already have Time Crisis 3? Ah, well.. guess this isn't much use after all. At least the PhotoShop possibilities are endless.

Gradient3495d ago

Ah, that explains the trolling.

Jorrel563495d ago

Ahhh the "extracurricular activities" that are possible with a PS Move controller