Meristation: Resonance of Fate Review

Fun and engaging, Resonance of Fate is a unique experience. So many things to be done, with a lot of side quests, a deep combat system and charming characters. Possibly, the most original JRPG in years, but it's too complex and frustrating. Only for hardcore JRPG gamers.

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LittleBigSackBoy3504d ago

I've still got WKC, FFXIII, Yakuza 3 and SO4 to finish playing! Guess I'll get this too, but this'll be the last game I get in awhile...

nefertis3503d ago

this game is worth a 9 in my book. your characters clothes are changeable as well as the guns are modifiable all the characters appearance looks different on the field. Playb3yond

Ravage273503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

but it will have to wait till i finish both WKC and FF13. Speaking of WKC, i bought it with GOW3 a few days back and i'm enjoying every minute of it. Very underrated jrpg with nice and detailed graphics. Also drives home the fact that towns helps in pacing,i got exhausted with FF13 after blazing through chapter 10.

Anyway here's hoping that RoF surprises me the same way, the first 20hrs of FF13 was so depressing.