Bungie: A Ton More Polish Put into Halo: Reach

Another giant pile of bugs fixed in Halo: Reach. A ton more polish put into 3d, environmental art, animation, audio and design. Better looking content abounds, but the differences between Alpha and Beta are more than skin deep.

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N4PS3G3497d ago

The best just gets better

DJ3497d ago

Definitely one of the top developers for 360, if not THE best.

DevastationEve3497d ago

My personal GotY candidates (exclusive or multiplat):

Final Fantasy 13 (best rpg 360/PS3)
Mass Effect 2 (best rpg 360)
Just Cause 2 (best 3rdPS 360/PS3) <-----if not best sandbox game EVER
Splinter Cell Conviction (best 3rdPS 360)
Bad Company 2 (best FPS/multiplayer online 360/PS3)
Modern Warfare 2 (best FPS/multiplayer online 360/PS3)
Bayonetta (best hack 'n slash 360/PS3)
God of War 3 (best hack 'n slash PS3)

Halo Reach has already sold me but I'm not giving it GotY this early. But it's really asking for it!

PS360PCROCKS3496d ago

DJ years later you're still the same fanboy nut! I've been bickering for you for probably 4 years now. Once again you prove that you haven't changed" I like the backhanded stab compliment "One of the best developers for 360!" only 360 huh?

DJ3496d ago

Like I said, they're good developers, and I'm sure being independent has helped them out a lot in terms of creative freedom. What exactly are you getting at, though?

sid4gamerfreak3496d ago

Since when has this become about kz2 vs halo reach. KZ2 is amazing and I'm sure halo reach will be too. Both games cater to different audiences and different tastes. You fangirls seriously need to stop this fighting.

I'm glad Bungie is putting more polish to halo reach, who doesn't like a polished game?

Immortal3213496d ago

are you guys going by the game's popularity, or the game itself because, I really don't see what you guys are seeing. GOTY! are you serious? for fps games.

PS360PCROCKS3496d ago

I'm getting at the fact that you said "ON 360" Bungie is one of the best developers around. Their games are all Halo yes, but they are always polished, fun and don't have issues.

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Arnon3497d ago

Cant wait to see it. I already thought it looked impressive.

ThePlaystationFour3497d ago

Reach looks like a polish Halo 3 in terms of Graphics. Halo hasn't done anything to set the bars this generation. Nothing but multi player. Campaign lacks, Graphics looks outdated, should I go on? If your going to brag about something being the "best" explain better than a dumb comment like "OHHH YA BUNGIE IS GOD!"

-Alpha3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I like how you ignore their MP accomplishments like it doesn't matter and go on to say that they haven't set any bars this gen.

By your logic MAG doesn't do anything if you choose to ignore 256 players.

A polished Halo 3? If you are going to try bashing the game at least put some effort into it. Reach doesn't have to look like the world's best game to accomplish something significant. They are using a new engine and there is no reason to doubt that the graphics are going to be substandard to current times. All I care about is that Reach doesn't slack in MP and that Bungie continues to offer the greatest features in any MP game to date this gen. As for SP, I don't have any high expectations for shooters and story. I don't really play FPS's for stories anyway. Lol at your comment below. You hate Halo that much? Go buy a PS3, that's what you have to say? Yeah, MS's magical powerful advertising abilities is what keeps Halo the most active online game to date. /sarcasm

ZombieNinjaPanda3497d ago


I thought they were using a heavily modified version of their old engine?

on topic
Can't wait to see this beast.

iagainsti1203497d ago

Well it is a heavily modified version of the Halo 2/3 engine but they took so much stuff out of that engine that it no longer resembles the old one in anyway, like how Unreal 3 is just a modified version on Unreal 2 and so on.

polow got sol3497d ago

Reachs multiplayer sounds very promising hopefully its alot more memorable than kz2s

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