Molyneux: "Gaming is being reborn on the PC"

Peter Molyneux has told Switched that when he first started creating games for consoles, he compared it to being imprisoned in a box.Speaking with the site at SXSW in Austin, Molyneux said that over time his view of consoles changed, and lately he's noticed that games are being reborn on PC.

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tdrules3498d ago

did anyone else just see that pig flying over?

JsonHenry3498d ago

so he just now realizes that PCs are what pushes the envelope forward?!

AngryFork3498d ago

It seems this guy says a wild off the wall random statement every week. Not that there's anything wrong with that I always find them funny, and it's not like he insults anyone, it's just really weird.

Kalowest3498d ago

MS is going to have to start making PC games.

PotNoodle3498d ago


Start, because MS have not made a PC game in years now.

Kakkoii3498d ago

Actually Microsoft has made many. Just not in the usual aspect. Sure they haven't developed any franchises that they actually own. But they have had a hand in many games out there. And any PC game that uses the "Games for Windows Live" DRM platform will usually of had a good development hand from Microsoft.

jjesso19933498d ago

Pc gaming dont need to be reborn ? its got more userbase than ps3 and 360 combined. a 3 year old pc can do anything the 360 and ps3 can do 3x better. The only problem at the momment with pc gaming is stupid drm.

Kakkoii3498d ago

Yep. The DRM is actually making piracy worse. It's too bad that the managers of these developers are too blinded by money and what the DRM companies are telling them to realize it's doing more harm than good.

If there is DRM on a game, I choose to pirate it and not buy it. It sends a good message to the developers that as paying customers we won't stand for it. As it only effects us and not the pirates.

dirthurts3498d ago

While I agree that DRM is indeed making pirating worse, I disagree that you should pirate every game that has DRM on it. It's a faze that the industry will get over eventually. That or they'll find a method that works.

A change in the wind3498d ago

I`ve always liked Molyneux. He may have a big trap, but he`s very passionate. It`s a shame he`s stuck working on the POS 360, you can tell he`s not too happy about its primitive technology. I`d love to see what he could come up with next on the PC or PS3, but that won`t happen. Thanks again MS for holding back the industry, I can`t express how grateful I am :/

sharif6993498d ago

yea, you dont get many people that think like he does in a while

champ213498d ago

ps3 is just as primitive as the 360 when compared to even a midrange pc.

both the consoles fail even against a 3yr old 8800gtx. Check igns head to heads they tell it all.

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The story is too old to be commented.