The Forgotten Gem That Heavy Rain Ripped Off

Gamer Limit writes "Heavy Rain's influences are vast; movies like Se7en and Saw are easily spotted. Yet there is one gem of a game that hasn't been praised for being a visionary of its time, and an obvious influence on Ubisoft's big PS3 exclusive. I give you: Road Avenger!"


Oops Ubisoft, I'm a twat.

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Jorrel563504d ago

Heavy Rain sucked. Plot holes the size of pools.

TheHardLine3504d ago

...There weren't any plot holes in Heavy Rain, just people who couldn't understand the plot.

Foxgod3504d ago

They inserted characters in the game that didnt understand the plot?

chrisjc3504d ago

Plot holes the size of...pot holes!


MisterNiwa3504d ago

How could Ethans son die, even though Ethan jumped BEFORE the car and held him him in the opposite direction of the car?

Ethan would've died, and his Son should've been in a coma for 4 months, thats just crazy.

Aceluffy3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

For people that should NOT play this game.
Care to elaborate what are these "plot holes" ?

PM me so I can explain it better for you without spoiling it to everyone else

DavidMacDougall3504d ago

I loved Heavy Rain but it had alot of plot holes.

hybridtheory123504d ago

ok listen. Heavy Rain did not "suck" as you claim it did. It was one of the best games I have played on the PS3 AND Xbox 360. It has only minor plot holes, they are minor because they are easily overlooked or forgotten. Also these plot holes are explained as writing styles in an interview with David Cage i think from Joystiq. So why dont u stop acting like you played the game and go troll somewhere else.

PandaJenkins3504d ago

Note: Possible Spoilers (though early in game)

Heavy Rain was great, but there was some plot holes. For example after Ethan had black outs he had a origami in his hand and was on a certain street every time. There was no explained reason for it at all. They just used the black outs to progress the story without fully developing everything surrounding it.

Rocket Sauce3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Letting the player listen in on the characters' thoughts was a bad idea. They really shot themselves in the foot with that one.

maniacmayhem3504d ago

How could Madison call Norman to tell him about the killer?

When did she ever meet him and get his number? The story I played they never met each other but towards the end you get the option to call him and tell him about the killer.

thesummerofgeorge3503d ago

why didn't he just read all the origami clues at once and see what he had to do, and skip to the end? How did he coincidentally open the origami clues in the right order?

The Iron Sheik3503d ago

If you look carefully the origami figures have numbers on them to indicate the order which they should be opened. And all the origami figures had was an address to go to. It was not until Ethan finished the trial that he got a piece of the address where Shaun was being held.

@Maniac Mayhem

I had that same question in my head until David Cage answered it in an interview. Since Madison is a journalist she would know there was a FBI profiler working the case. It is not unreasonable that she would be able to get his number.

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GrahameG3504d ago

Heavy Rain was awesome, but yeah, some rather large plot holes.

Also, JASON!

MadBoJangles3503d ago

I think you'll find it was more like :

"JaaaAAAaaAAAaaaassssooo oooon!"

panasonic233504d ago

Not only that Sony copy MS and Sega

MS sidwander release around 90s Sixaxis is not new

Sega DreamCast Dream Eye

DreamEye in motion

CernaML3504d ago

Whoa whoa whoa. Their Viera Plasma TVs happen to be fantastic. :<

The real killer3504d ago

You spamm nothing more than fuss!!!

You are our wikiboy.

Nitrowolf23504d ago

doesn't tat eye dream thing only function as a camera/ebam/recrde? not motion like eye/NATAL?
and didn't pelican also release one of those controllers around the same time?

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overlordror3504d ago

Deadly Premonition and Heavy Rain. Craptastic games, or great movies: You decide!

CernaML3504d ago

LOL Deadly Premonition....

panasonic233504d ago

So I don't ever care about Panasonic lol i got a 40-inch BRAVIA baby

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