Wii's Best Selling Game is New Super Mario Bros.

Andriasang: In its weekly sales report this week, ASCII Media Works reported that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is now the Wii's top selling game.

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Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3503d ago

If I ever buy a Wii, that will be the first game I get.

qface643503d ago

ahh ok this is talking about japan

3503d ago
RockmanII73502d ago

If I can find anyone to sell my Wii to, I will tell them this is the first game they should get.

jalen2473503d ago

Excellent game!

It deserves all its sales!

tinybigman3503d ago

that out of the core games they have Mario Kart is their highest selling core game.

turok3503d ago

then go buy one and see what ur missing out on.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3503d ago

I would if I had the extra money.

I'm currently playing NSMB for the DS though. I'm loving it so far.

turok3503d ago

Well now just save up some money that's what I did to purchase a wii and a PS3. nothing expensive when using concept of "saving money for later". sadly not many use this concept...

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3503d ago

Not everybody is in a position to save money, my friend.

Thanks for the protip, though. lol

RockmanII73502d ago

That is actually a really good tip. I've been saving up my money for a long time now and just yesterday I looked into my wallet and saw I had over $800 :) I was going to buy a PS3 but I decided I won't buy anything over $40 until I get a new job so it's off to the bank to make me baby moneys.

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Venox20083503d ago

Especially on the last stage X_X :)

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