New Pokemon RPG details to be featured in next issue of CoroCoro

The next issue of CoroCoro will have brand new details on the fifth/latest generation of Pokemon games.

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Valay3501d ago

Should be interesting. The fifth generation is supposed to be mixing things up a bit.

AngryFork3501d ago

Mixing up things with nothing new you mean? 100% guaranteed this game is going to be another top-down 2D DS exclusive with some new pokemon and items and then call it a day.

The day Nintendo makes a true 3D remake of Pokemon Red/Blue with the same resources as Galaxy that's worth talking about.

menoyou3501d ago

Yea, another rehash with two versions and later a third version to maximize milking morons. I like Pokemon games but it's just getting old, and no proper online battle really just pisses me off. If this game still uses friend codes, I will not buy it.

Kakkoii3501d ago

It's also supposed to be the last generation.

@AngryFork: I agree that they really need to make a true 3D game of Pokemon, and even more so an MMO. But sadly Nintendo's fear of kids being exposed to naughty words online seems to be keeping such ideas from becomming a reality. It's so sad =/. It ruined the Wii's online play also.

And the last 2 Pokemon games on the DS actually did use 3D models for a lot of the environment. But the DS just isn't powerful enough to make a really awesome 3D games.

But if the new Pokemon game is for the upcoming new version of the DS that will use Nvidia's Tegra 2 platform. Then we could see a pretty awesome looking pokemon game made.

Xplayer20313501d ago

Nintendo needs to come on out of the shell and just do the Pokemon games it's justice MMOs onlince connectiviy and the like.

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Ziriux3501d ago

what a goofy name for a magazine. Who cares about pokemon.

Xplayer20313501d ago

Who cares?! Tell that to the millions who still play this franchise even to this day.

cutelittleoshawott3501d ago

Finally some info. Hopefully they'll tell us about the new starters, the new legendary Pokemon and the new land along with info on how it will breathe new life in the series.

ZombieNinjaPanda3501d ago

New starters??
New legendaries?!?
Don't we already have enough legendaries? There are at least 30 or more.

PirateThom3501d ago

Yeah, more legendaries? How are they going to top it now? Especially consider Arceus is the god Pokemon.

Ryuha1234h3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Who still play Pokemon?

blasian3501d ago

how many more pokemon... i swear they make a random shape and slap a face on it and give it a name... every game is the exact same but new shapes with faces...

Xplayer20313501d ago

True but unless the games they priduce just stop selling good like it use to then they will reshape, resize, and rename each one til the world is filled with a pokemon in each house.

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