Final Fantasy Father Not Too Keen on "Long" God of War 3 Opening

Andriasang: Here's what Final Fantasy father Hironobu Sakaguchi thinks about the intro, courtesy of his Twitter.

Tweeted the Gooch earlier today: "A long opening movie. It's nicely done, but you don't need this :) It's movie-like, but you don't need long openings in games."

This comment was quickly picked up by Japanese gaming blogs because -- well, it's the guy who made Final Fantasy, which has gone on to become one of the most movie-heavy games around, complaining about movie length.

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Foxgod3497d ago

Wonder what he thinks about Final fantasy 13 :D

TOO PAWNED3497d ago

When he makes decent game i'll care what he thinks, that's what I think.

Foxgod3497d ago

Hes on the helm of the wii game the last story atm, that game sounds very intriguing from what i have seen and read.

TOO PAWNED3497d ago

"graphics are "nice" ok Hironabu-dabu or whatever. You can only dream of making games this good looking. Just an hour ago i slayed Hades, game has incredible graphics, i meen mindblowing

br41n5c4n3497d ago

The opening scene was amazing it not only recapped what had happened in the previous iterations, but it also provided a quality cinematic feel.

RememberThe3573497d ago

"A long opening movie. It's nicely done, but you don't need this :) It's movie-like, but you don't need long openings in games."

This statement depicts this perfectly. There is an older way of doing thing and a newer way of doing things. Seems like the father of Final Fantasy needs to update his portfolio along with his understand of how satisfying a cinematic experience can feel in video games.

Rockox3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

A 4-minute intro is not long.

Johnny Rotten3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

"I'm not too fond of long openings, I would much prefer the player to experience linear gameplay for about 2/3rds of the game".

Ninja-Sama3497d ago

I have the feeling of doing to this guy, what Kratos did to Poseidon at the end of their battle.

Don't get mad guys, just a feeling!

freeblue3497d ago

in any of the final fantasy games? they're damn long, at least between 5 to 10 minutes.

Millah3497d ago

He probably hates FF13. That I can guarantee you. Knowing how Sakaguchi is, he definitely wouldn't approve FF13.

BkaY3496d ago

whole intro is summary of GOW1&2..

love the art style...


kwicksandz3496d ago

"When he makes decent game i'll care what he thinks, that's what I think. "

lol wut?

how many AAA's does a man have to make?

shadow27973496d ago

Hit X. You're welcome.

Or is he referring to the short cinematic after you start a new game?

Personally, I'm a fan of both of them. Especially since the first is skip-able.

WildArmed3496d ago

I guess i must be crazy because I skipped that optional intro video before the start menu..

Then i clicked Start New Game o_O

EvilBlackCat3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

"When he makes decent game i'll care what he thinks, that's what I think"

Where the fnck have you been & how old are you?

MmaFanQc3496d ago

the rediculously garbage Lost Odyssey intro......

die_fiend3496d ago

That was a recap? I had no idea since I haven't played the first 2. It just looked like credits at the start instead of the end. And I was hammering all the buttons but it wouldn't skip, probably that the first time you start up you can't skip it. I could the second time but it was pretty long. Either way, the first 30 minutes of the game made up for it lol. Holy hell that was mad

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Gradient3497d ago

The opening isn't long at all, I mean compared to Final Fantasy the opening is like one of those 13 second porn clips.

Grandmaster3497d ago

Those need to be at least like 5 minutes long so I can at least do my business, 13 seconds replaying the same clip over and over for five minutes just doesn't cut it

rdgneoz33497d ago

Its retelling the story of the first 2 games if anyone hasn't played them at all or in a while, a nice addition to a great game. Also, you can skip it if its too long for you.

supremacy3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

seriously it seems to me like, people from all different positioning in life seem to want to find something wrong with this game...its getting ridiculous and im not saying the guy doesn't have a right to have an opinion...

but its not valid if it comes from a guy who primarily prides himself and his work around that which he is criticizing another companies product for.

am i the only one who seems to think this guy is maybe being a hypocrite? please someone let me know.

Sagetech3497d ago

lol father of final fantasy calling an intro long? thats nearly as hypocritical as naming one of the longest gaming franchises in history FINAL fantasy. XD