Why Project Natal Will Beat The Wii And PlayStation Move

Project Natal was announced and demonstrated with expectation at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2009. Preceding the event was rumor, spreading like wildfire, that both Microsoft and Sony would try and breach the 'casual' market where Nintendo's Wii had done so well. However, there is one major difference between Microsoft's Project Natal and what Nintendo and Sony are offering.

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Foxgod3497d ago

I think the games will decide the winner.
Thats why i also believe Natal will outdo the other two in terms of hardcore gaming.

The black and white series from Lionhead are perfect for Natal, like that series was created with Natal in mind.

Rockox3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

If Sony or Microsoft think they can put a serious dent into the Wii's sales, they're kidding themselves.

sid4gamerfreak3497d ago

Why I dont give a crap if Sony or Microsoft wins this motion controlling war.

All I care about is the 'old' fashioned consoles, thats right, the ps3 and the 360, getting good games. Other than that, I dont give a f&*@ about whether natal will beat move or not.

-Alpha3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I completely agree. People are starting to get competitive with this motion control nonsense when just over a couple years ago people dissed on the Wii for it. Now all of a sudden that their consoles are adopting it they decide to be so supportive.

I have no doubt that Natal will "beat" Move with sales as its being pushed to be a "next evolution" of the 360 while Move is completely optional. Not to mention that Natal is aiming more for the casual market than Sony.

I seriously doubt Natal will beat Nintendo, and until the products role out nobody will be able to tell.

I'm getting tired of all this "Motion X will beat Motion Y" crap, and it's just feeding the hungry fanboys who are trying to trash on the competition for whatever reason. I don't understand why one has to be better than the other: Natal and Move are aiming to do two completely different things and yet people are so blind that they are still trying to compete the two against each other. Let them both come out, see the games, and then judge which is better for who and what beats what instead of trying to nail one to the ground based on preliminary guesswork.

eagle213497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Clear 13 feet, move the cat, move the dog..(PEW, PEW, PEW!!!!!)...'s laggy. :)
I know honey, it's made by Microsoft. :)

morganfell3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

You have got to be kidding. The lack of a controller alone makes natal the anti-hardocre gaming device. You may be buying into what some 14 year old is saying on a forum but neither natal nor modern systems that do full body mocap are able to properly identify finger motions and without that the implementation for hardcore games will be minimal and restricted to lean and duck type of usages and will still require a controller. Advantage? Move.

Remember some of the PS3 implementations for Sixaxis that felt tacked on? Welcome to 2 years ago because that will be the extent some core titles will go with natal. No doubt a few of them will be crippled severly. Value? Nil. All of those slings and arrows that were thrown over titles like Lair are en route back toward natal.

The SOCOM 4 demonstration is a clear example why hardcore games such as shooters need a multitude of functions that can be rapidly chosen...on a controller. Sony was able to implement their system without dumbing down game mechanics and if you think you will be able to do this on natal without grossly affecting the mechanics and gameplay one would have with a game pad then you are kidding yourself.

Using natal alone for hardcore games means such titles will have their scheme reduced to quite simplistic implementations that core gamers will find idiotic. You will hear the word "blasphemy" used quite a bit.

Add to this the fact that natal now has to use the 360 alone for processing power and it becomes patently obvious where this is going.

You also have to deal with the unavoidable truth that many such dumbed down versions of titles will not work in multiplayer with versions that have a control scheme set up for a gamepad. Let me clarify, it will work but natal users will get crushed. Welcome to multiplayer where you choose a server based on the control scheme.

There is no way companies like Ubisoft, Activision, or EA will make any of their mainline core titles require natal unless it is a title just for natal. Even then how many developmental resources is a 3rd party going to commit for a hardware device that may not have a big user base.

People think when publishers like EA or Activision say they are on board with natal it means they are going to make their titles, all of them, support it to the nth degree with groundbreaking implementations only seen in a science fiction movie and that just is not the case. Remember, every publisher was on board with the Sixaxis controls too.

The advantage with Move is publishers can have dev teams implement the device support without adjusting gameplay and core mechanics and that alone is a huge boost for Move.

Rockox3497d ago

@Alpha - And most of those very same fanboys don't care about these new motion controls anyway. People gotta pick their battles, and Natal vs. Move ain't worth fighting for, in my opinion.

Anon19743497d ago

I've been hearing a lot of complaints from articles like this one, concerned that having to buy multiple Move controllers is a detriment. I really don't understand why. Has having to buy multiple Wii-motes hampered sales at all? If anything, it's creating a nice revenue stream on the side. From a business perspective, why sell just one Natal to a family when you can sell multiple controllers? Like I said, having to do so on the Wii hasn't hurt their sales at all.

Ultimately it'll come down to the experience and games. As a gamer I feel much more comfortable holding a controller of some type in my hands as opposed to standing in front of my screen, making hand gestures. I have a feeling Microsoft is about to find out the same.

Now, that being said if they release a $150 Xbox slim packaged, possibly packaged with Natal, that could be a game changer, but I currently don't see any evidence of that. Leading up to the PS3 Slim's unveiling there were clues all over the place from Sony's financial statements to parts orders related to the new hardware. So far, nothing like that has surfaced for Microsoft that I'm aware of.

Time will tell.

cyborg69713497d ago

If games are the deciding factor all you have to do is look at the shovelware that is on the wii. Because that's the same stuff only worse that's coming to natal. Which is going to be using 30% of the 360's processor power now that they took out the onboard one. So the games are gonna have a rez of 360p which is why they named it that in the first place.

Genesis53497d ago

Don't care. I just want a 3D TV to game on and I'll be happy just to sit in my chair with my old controler.

TROLL EATER3497d ago

cos its not a copy of wii mote

sikbeta3497d ago

Stupid article based on Bad/Lame-Speculations, as usual, Great to See Some Guys Here Above this comment that are Real Gamers and don't give a Damn [email protected] about this Motion-control-Wagon/Hype/tren d and only care about Gaming

D4RkNIKON3497d ago

Did any one read the article? He actually thinks that Milo will be how Natal will beat the Wii and PlayStation Move. We will see who the winner is in HD motion controlled gaming, but after seeing things like this I think Sony has the upper hand. Also because of those things that we in the future call buttons, which turn out to be pretty important to those hand full of millions of people who play shooters.

MorganX3497d ago

Since Peter Molyneux's Fable never lived up to the "groundbreaking" advanced features hype, I doubt Milo will be all it's cracked up to be.

I think hands free navigation will be the killer app. Flipping through Netflix Minority Report style.

Nike3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I think your brand of militant fanboyism is losing it's appeal - especially with the number of bubbles you lose each day.

Seriously man, lighten up. :|

HSx93496d ago

I'm sure we can all forget about the 5 Frame lag the Natal showed a couple of weeks ago.

morganfell3496d ago

Comments on my lack of bubbles from someone with even less bubbles than me? No thanks.

Kevin ButIer3496d ago

"It also got what we in the future call "Buttons"

catguykyou3496d ago

It has a controller. It's the regular 360 controller. Unlike move which acts a replacement controller, Natal is an addition to the controller. Developers have stated you can use Natal and a controller to play the games. Imagine a sneaking game were not only do you have to not move the character on screen to avoid being seen/heard but you also have to hold still on your couch/floor (wherever you play from) in order to not cause movement on screen. (prob a lame example) The point being, you can play games traditionally with the controller and add in Natal features to the games to make them more interesting. It doesn't have to be a wii style game controls or controller-less. It provides options.

Nike3496d ago


Lol. I'm sure we'll be keeping each other company soon enough. :)

morganfell3496d ago

You are making a point I already have to have a controller. Thanks for responding to a post you did not read. Having natal and a controller and losing 30% of the 360 processing power is hardly a boon. if I want that performance I'll use my Wii.

As I said, it'll be about as useful as Sixaxis controls meaning the very odd title will have one instance where it really works. Other than that it's a marketing ploy.

vhero3496d ago

Totally fanboy article for nothing more than hits.

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NateNater3497d ago

Without a remote, I really can't see Natal being better than Move. I've said it many times before and I'll say it again. IMHO you really need a remote for a lot things in gaming. Some things just can't be done properly without one.

But I'm waiting to see how Natal will handle things like FPS' and other games like such. Maybe MS can change my mind.

Foxgod3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Maybe FPS games will still use the controller, but will have additional motion commands to play the game.

I do not expect every game to use 100% natal control, but rather have natal incorporated at some level, to boost the experience.

Fable will probably also use the gamepad to play, but will have some motion features, like grabbing objects in the game, and dragging them around.
Such a thing would be very annoying to do with a gamepad.
I also read in an interview you can smack people in Fable 3.

But like you said, lets wait and see, E3 should be awesome this year.

Godmars2903497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

And that's where Natal falls flat on ts face: its a controller that's suppose to replace an older one, yet it may need that old controller depending on which game played with it. That's specifically why the Wii fails.

Really, where's the Youtube link showing this, much less the name of the said RTS game?

@Below #2:
Its not illegal, but it is stupid to make assumptions. And I really don't recall anyone saying anything about B&W on Natal till now.

Foxgod3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

It will actually allow us to play RTS games on consoles, without frustration.
Thats pretty revolutionizing already.

Natal basically emulates the mouse, anything that works with a mouse will work with Natal.
You cant play an FPS with a mouse alone either, you need a keyboard to move around.

Its not illegal to make assumption, but anyone that played Black and white, would know itl work really well with Natal, use one hand to browse around the field, use the other one to grab stuff and interact with the pet.
Black and white, is an RTS.

Who says you have to?

Maybe hide in cover (you dont shoot anyway while in cover) and then swing your arm to trow a grenade), or, move your controller sideways to reload, so you can keep your finger on the trigger.

Harry_Manback3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Take my hands off the controller.

Edit: Well then what were you referring to using, your feet? Your head? Wouldn't that be cool.../

Edit 2: Oh, you mean like the sixaxis O_o

-Alpha3497d ago

I can't imagine playing any sort of hardcore game on Natal. I honestly don't see why I wouldn't just use a controller.

Same goes for Move. I want games to be original for motion control. I can imagine playing Demon's Souls but the lack of motion in the Move's subcontroller is really limiting. First of all, you'll have to buy two wands, and if you do that you have no use of an analog stick.

The lack of motion in the subcontroller and the lack of a controller at all in Natal are my two biggest concerns. I have no desire to adopt motion control anytime soon. I need the games to impress me and the games have to be completely original and be made from the ground up around motion control. I don't care for paying money to motion control LBP when I can just use a controller nor do I care to move around playing Halo when I can just use a controller and play just as effectively.

I fear both MS and Sony are going all in with motion control and I hope the devs don't get too caught up in it-- I want great motion games, but I also want normal games.

Biggest3497d ago

Foxgod, you said this.

Fable will probably also use the gamepad to play, but will have some motion features, like grabbing objects in the game, and dragging them around.
Such a thing would be very annoying to do with a gamepad.
I also read in an interview you can smack people in Fable 3.

What in the hell are you talking about? It's annoying to press a button then move the analog stick? It'll be less annoying to grab thin air, and wave your hand around while high-stepping in place to your imaginary destination?

Wasn't there are topic recently posted about overweight/out of shape gamers? I would think they are the hardcore gaming type. They can't even get up to make a healthy snack. You don't really expect them to lead the charge on the Natal, do you?

HSx93496d ago

You are trying a bit to hard to make yourself seem sure about Natal. Typical 360 Fanboy,

"Maybe FPS games will still use the controller, but will have additional motion commands to play the game."

Did Microsoft ever, ever say they were going to introduce a controller for Natal? NO. Please stop it, you are hurting yourself.

catguykyou3496d ago

They don't have to introduce a new controller. They have the option of using the old controller and still let you use Natal. You should stop cause you're just making yourself sound like an idiot.

Check out the "minority report" video for Move. Stuff like that looks awesome but I don't see how it wouldn't be possible for Natal to do it too.

I hate the idea of motion controls only. I like the idea of using the gamepad but having some sort of motion control camera tracking movements in the room. Sony is sort of doing that with the eyetoy (or could have been) but it didn't track depth like Natal does (not to the same degree at least). Sony built a wii mote and expanded on it, making it way more accurate and just all around better. Microsoft took the eyetoy (and some other camera tracking designs) and did the same thing. Now it is just a matter of which style of motion tracking will succeed.

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Omega43497d ago

Easy, MS will market it like crazy and with the slim360 everyone will want it.

Move is just the Wii in HD so when Wii HD launches it will become irrelevant.

Plus Natal will be cheaper than Move.

xKakashi209x3497d ago

You don't know that. There hasn't been any price set for it and for all you know it may cost $150 +. MS isn't well know for setting there products at a cheap price.

eagle213497d ago

Natal sales will decline after only 6 months on the market. I don't have to be Pachter to guess this. :)

hikayu173497d ago

You don't know that . First off , when will wiihd launch ? Not soon enough . Wii is selling way too good for nintendo to bail. The ps3 offer way better value while keeping watever they love about wii(move) . Most of wii buyers are casual gamers , and they could very well careless about Mario and Zelda .Sony is offering the ps3 and move as a wii upgrade ,and it make perfect sense of doing so .
Second , you also have to think about the developers. When they want to make a game for natal , they have to have a seperate team to work on it . While the move and wii is very much similar Control-scheme-wise, it's going to be quite easy to port over .
Third , how the hell do u know that natal will be cheaper than move ? The natal has 3 sensors on it , which is going to be quite a trouble to keep the cost low . The only microsoft will be able to do so , even after cutting back the hardwares inside the natal, is to simply bite the bullet . Which is wat Sony did with the ps3 and ms will do with the natal. So , no . I don't think natal will be cheaper than move . Nor do I think move willl be cheaper than natal . I think they'll be about the same price .
I think that both of them will be sold with somekind of game at 99.99 $ . Both of them will be bundled into an sku and sold around 350$ if they still want to attract the casual crowd ( clueless kids and parents ) . Natal will have a better presentation factor , IMO . But I can't tell if either is more successful .

DarkTower8053497d ago

The problem with Nintendo is that in terms of 1st party devs, they really don't have squat. With Sony's resources, they can do amazing things Nintendo can't. And let's not forget, the Move is still heads and shoulders more accurate than the Motion +.

Also, isn't it more economical to buy a Move if you have a PS3 rather than invest another $200+ in a new Wii?

Omega43497d ago

And PS3 sales will decrease when the 360 slim releases :)

"Most of wii buyers are casual gamers , and they could very well careless about Mario and Zelda"
Do some sales research please

Nintendo know how to make got motion games Sony doesnt. Look what happened to the eyetoy. Who cares about PS3 owners they arent important its Wii owners and casuals who matter.

masterofpwnage3497d ago

so when is this slim 360 coming out where is the official statment is true. haha so delusional.
hoping on wishes now huh

TrooGamer3496d ago


Doesnt the article state the Move is pre alpha? Enough said

catguykyou3496d ago

doubt if the wii hd launches, the PS3 move will be irrelevant. Move in my opinion is 50x better than the wii and that doesn't even take into account the better graphics.

TotalPS3Fanboy3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

"...MS will market it like crazy..."

Then again, that is the only thing MS is great at: making crappy stuff and marketing it like crazy, hopefully people will be dumb enough to buy it.

Sony may not be great on marketing. But we all know that the success of Natal and Move will depends on the games. And Sony is great on quality and AAA titles. And as a gamer, I rather take great quality and AAA titles over pure marketing, because at the end of the night, I play games, not marketing.

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The real killer3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

was a joke in my opinion.
So basically saying the article the joke Natal will beat PS Move, Sony prove it, Microsoft did not prove it, only fake videos.

I think, we will see more Natal related games at E3 than regular games.


Some all know better think that Natal demostraion was real, what butt head with his disagree, get some fact boy.

Foxgod3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The wand demonstration wasnt so hot on e3 either, mainly because it wasnt done.
Both natal and move where not ready yet last e3, that will change coming e3.

You are comparing move footage from a few weeks ago, with footage thats almost a year old.

And the only thing fake was the milo promo, and big Pete even admitted that.
The presentation itself, was real, if it was fake you would have never seen the bugs with the avatars, or the 1 sec delay.

Indeed, MS hasnt proven anything yet, but let them first give an up to date presentation, then form an opinion.
And again, the presentation on stage was real, it was only Milo that was smoke and mirrors.

The real killer3497d ago

I agree with you, it was not hot but the point is that Sony PROVE it and not Microsoft, beside, i don't like those things i play better with Mouse and Keyboard and than PS3 Controller :)

The Joke is, there was no single footage from games that was only recorder.

Biggest3497d ago

Microsoft has shown the Natal many, MANY times since the last E3. There is a late night talk show appearance. There was the breakdancing weirdo. There were a few private screenings that were later put on the respective websites. They were all with that stupid glitch ball game. They all sucked.

claterz3489d ago

@FoxGod yeh well it's Microsofts fault that they havnt showed anything of natal in demos since e3 last year, why do you think that is? because they are saving it untill e3? I doubt it, I thinkk maybe it's because they dont want too many people to see the ricochet demo because that's what they are going to be showing at e3 2010, along with some other pointless family games that no one will want because everyone already has a wii for that crap.
And how exactly will natal "outdo the other two in terms of hardcore gaming" ? Natal will fall flat on its face when it comes to a hardcore game. Basic things that need to be done in hardcore games simply can't be done with natal. Not to mention other more advance options which will be unavailable on Natal. Some of the simple ones.
-Turning around without having your back facing the screen?
-Switching weapons
-Going prone, and then moving forward in prone without actualy moving in real. sounds difficult huh? not to mention you'll have to be about 10ft away from the camera in order for it to see you when you're on the floor
- And lets say you're playing a FPS and you want to knife someone, how will it tell the difference from knifing, throwing a grenade, reloading?

I'm pretty sure Microsoft are going to release a perphipherall to go with Natal, to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they sold lots of seperate quipment like guns,steering wheels etc. Which kind of destroys the " you are the controller " concept doesnt it?

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xKakashi209x3497d ago

Ultimately the games that they will offer for the motion controller and how they incorporate it will determine who will win.