PSLS Presents – Michael Rawlinson, Director General of ELSPA

PSLS Writes: The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) is the UK's leading video games trade body, to learn about their views on the state of the British Games Industry, and their opinion on the future of gaming in general, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Michael Rawlinson, the Director General of ELSPA about these issues, and many more.

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ps3gamerkyle3504d ago

It is interesting to get a peek at the struggles unfolding in the English government regarding digital entertainment.

-Alpha3504d ago

Good, unique interview PSLS.

ElementX3504d ago

You mean PSLS has original content for once, and not rehashes of news from 10 other sites? My jaw has hit the floor.

DoucheVader3504d ago

Great interview, it's interesting to see how the gaming industry fits in with other governments in the world.

doctorstrange3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Now that was uncalled for.
I could spend ages telling you how we've had 3 interviews in the past 2 days, and that he have hundreds of unique articles every month, but I'm too tired.

@Alpha-Male22: Glad you liked it mate, got more interviews lined up soon :)

DoucheVader3504d ago

An article comparing screens for FFXIII gets hundreds of degrees and these interviews halt out at 10 degrees. :P

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3504d ago
Bnet3433504d ago

I'm glad he doesn't see violent or sexual games as a bad thing. It is what it is. There are times where you can over do it, but other times you can use it so much at the right time, it flows nicely. A good example would be the GTA series. A bad example would be Kane & Lynch or Rogue Warrior.

godzilla2123504d ago

Sexual games arent that big a deal, the only bad game I can think of is RapePlay

user94220773504d ago

Great interview. I'm intrigued by his comments on violent games.

Teddybee3504d ago

Its good that they aren't seen as such a big deal anymore

doctorstrange3504d ago

Things like the MW2 Airport scene still cause a huge furore