Xbox Live And PSN Members Harassed By Anonymous Racists

With every new innovation and the good it brings, there's a downside that surfaces almost instantly to negate the positive. Xbox Live and PSN are truly great innovations that have open new ways of play and fresh venues for companies to make money

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RBlaze3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

There is no need for that sort of thing in games. We all go on them to have fun... yet a lot of people have their time ruined by this sort of thing!

I know for a fact that there are numerous online gamers who abuse the chat function. I mean... I like to have a good chunk of competetive banter... but theres talking up... and then there is talking out of turn. But the fact that these people still do it means that not enough are getting punished. Lets hope that we, as proper gamers, can shut this out.

RBlaze3499d ago

.. I meant all racism in general.

Government Cheese3499d ago

this is a shocking revelation. I cannot believe that there are actually racist people in the world. I need to take a breather, hold on

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I don't understand why people get so worked up over this.

While I agree that racism is very ugly (and just plain stupid) I don't take anything that is said on Xbox Live or the PSN seriously.

Hateful people are everywhere nowadays. Best thing to do is just ignore/pity them.

menoyou3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

cry babies crying as usual. who cares, just hit the ignore button or take off your headset and grow some balls. people act like the world has to be censored to avoid peoples feeling being hurt, BOO FREAKIN HOO. the world doesnt have to change to suit your emotions, this is a lie that liberalism has told you.

roguewarrior3499d ago

Mute is for, i would not even report them. Racist 12 year old, shocking!! grow up.

Anon19743499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I found XBL to be a mess. Racist, ignorant and homophobic players were everywhere and the problem was rampant. When I first tried the PSN, it was a breath of fresh air in comparison. I went over a year before I ran into a player on Modern Warfare 2 who was yelling racists remarks at anyone who dared not play as well as he thought he was playing.

But the thing is, the vast majority of 360's are sold to Americans while the PSN network was filled with Europeans, Japanese and generally older players. When I would look up the ID's and regions of those using racist slurs on XBL, they were always American.

Now that the PS3 is picking up in popularity in the US, I hate to say it but this type of player is becoming much more prevalent now gaming online. I've even heard players try to justify their racist remarks. I have twice walked into a lobby where US players were trying to explain to European gamers how the terms they were using weren't racist, that it only referred to a certain type of person and that's why it's really not racist at all.

It's a cultural thing, plain and simple. I 'm not saying that all US players are racist, in fact I'm sure it's a very small minority, but a large number of them certainly talk like they are.

And as a community, we've let this happen. Report them. Report them often. It's the only way we as gamers can get a handle on this problem until Microsoft implements that software they patented to censor live data streams in real time.

I've got no problem with trash talking or inappropriate language, but I don't think racism and homophobia have any place in online games. By tolerating the problem, you're just making it worse. You think these people would continue spouting their hate if every time they did they were confronted, kicked from the game, reported, etc? Gamers hold the power to take control of this issue, but apathy is rampant.

GRRiMREEAPeR3499d ago

Almost all of the racist a$$holes i hear are white... why is this problem so centralized on this race? what are so many parents doing wrong?.. I know the majority of whites are open minded, normal people, but this racism crap refuses to die in that culture. In the comments for this very post, victims are urged to stop 'crying' or 'whining'. Why is this problem so localized in this race?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I think most of this has to do with how angry some people get when playing games.

When these people get filled with rage they lash out and say things that they think will anger others (like calling people "N" words and [email protected]).

It's like their own little way of dealing with the fact that they just got owned. lol

JonnyBadfinger3499d ago

Im not racist, i just use racism to my advantage. and honestly racism when used properly is hilarious... and may i point out that there isnt even a race gene, therefore racism shouldnt mean anything to anyone.

And all you humanitarians and human rights idiots are all hypocrites... i bet my balls you all laugh at racist jokes whether its about whites, blacks, asians so seriously harden the f*** up they're just words.

The kinda of racism i cant stand is the killing of another race... seriously say whatever you want about them, but too take action against them is wrong.

Anon19743499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

What if it was you? What if it was your kid who was the target of hateful and racist remarks? Would you say "Hey, kiddo! At least they aren't trying to kill you! Nothing wrong with people hurling demeaning, derogatory comments at you because, hey! People can say what they want and that's alright by me."

You can say it's all well and good but what happens when it's you, or your friends, or your family, or someone you care about? Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone you care about who's been targeted and victimized by another simply because of the color of their skin? Try telling them that it's ok because "No one is trying to kill you" and that they should ignore it.

How is anything every going to change with apathy like this? All it takes for this to get worse is for good people to do nothing. No gamer should ever feel afraid to join up with other gamers simply play.

Report every last instance of racism you hear and don't let our gaming community be ruined by these idiots.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I understand where you are coming from darkride66, but you have to realize that this kind of behavior will never stop, so people just need to accept that reality and deal with it as best they can.

In fact, trying to stop people from saying hurtful things is far more dangerous than anything that they might be saying.

Stupid people say stupid things, it's just a part of life.

HSx93499d ago

If a little 12 year old states a racist comment and you are offended by it... grow up, it's just a video game and this is natural, if you can't handle it then you shouldn't be playing video games.

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-Alpha3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Anonymity truly is a pretty wild thing. People feel safe hiding behind computer screens that they say whatever they want. Personally, I don't mind as long as I have an ignore feature, but some people tend to take things to another level.

It's even worse on XBL where users have rights to a mic as opposed to it being a privilege of sorts. If you want a mic on the PC or PS3 you have to buy it, and at least that's some sort of screening process-- it filters some of the users. Again, at least there's an ignore option.

MorganX3499d ago

Great post.

Part of the proble with ignore, is the time you have to be subjected to it. Some people actually raise their kids and want to limit their exposure to the gutterish side of life. Unfortunately they can get blindsided, even kids, util they hit ignore. No one in these psycopaths lives will listen to them so they go online anonymously and at least until ignored can blindside people into listening to them. They really are pitiful. And contrary to some of the comments most are not tweens. They're adults over 18.

Stupid people don't stop being stupid when they get behind the wheel of a car, or when they go online. While you may get an education and good job and move away from idiots, on the Internet, we're all in the same neighborhood.

But, Live does have a great feature that will allow you to only allow chat with friends.

nogolis3498d ago

Morgan you're wrong.

You said Missouri doesn't offer a personal trainer cert? I went to Pinnacle Career Institute. They say that they do. They also say I fulfilled my requirements and meet the guidelines to teach and instruct in the state of Missouri and Kansas.

You should brush up on your regulations a bit more. Kansas City is both Kansas and Missouri. Seemingly split down the middle.

I've never done steroids illegally. That, much like everything you all are spewing is an assumption. My legs are very well built and defined. I'm 6ft 2 and 217lbs right now. It's all genetics and while I'm sure there are people in the world with much larger legs, the vast majority are not my height.

You say you workout and are, yourself, ACE cert. Then you should be well aware of the difficulties in long versus short muscle development. A man who's 5ft 6 will have much more mass into his frame than one of 6ft 2 stature.

You say you can spot a "juicer" from a mile away... But you can't. Cos' I'm not one. So you fail. And even you, if you are ACE cert, should know that there are still guidelines to your craft. You still have to abide by drug testing if you want to maintain it and do it for a living... Or, in my case, part time.

nogolis3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I love how when racisim is brought up it's always a White kid/guy who's calling out the blacks. Whatever... I've experienced more racisim, being jewish, from blacks than any one white person ever. Hell, I'd be willing to bet Mel Gibbson would treat me with more respect than the average black man on the street.

People hate -- not every instance has to do with the color of skin or the god you believe in. Deal with it.

Gradient3499d ago

Yeah, I don't believe you.

TOO PAWNED3499d ago


Actually he is right. I am fed up with this bull that makes it sound like it is only white kids insults colored person. We all know that is not the case. Or that racism comes only from white people LOL at that.

RememberThe3573499d ago

No one is saying that it's only white kids blurting out racist crap, but they are saying that the majority of the racist crap is coming from white kids. And all the online gaming I've done verifies that claim. But no one is saying that white kids are the ONLY ones doing it or that the black community is the only group at the brunt of all the racial attacks. They are just pointing out what happens most on a wider scale.

ARBitrator3499d ago

Well said, way to speak your piece without, making yourself a statistic that needs to be defended, unlike some of the others that responded to this.

Racism is ugly, ignorant, and simply should not be tolerated regardless to who's doing it. I truely believe that it is a learned behavior, and poor parenting/mentoring is the biggest part of the problem.

Blitzed3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

A long time ago on this very site discussing a similar topic, a guy actually wrote "I can't be racist, I'm a brownie!"

Others agreed with him and went on to try and argue that you can't be 'racist' against whites, and that it's considered 'reverse racism'. The more disturbing thing was how many people agreed with him.

TOO PAWNED3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )


Dude you have one bubble for a reason, you should definitely not preach about how people should act properly, about anything. First clean your sh1t as they say, then comment on others.
No one in this topic said that racism is ok, we all know it isn't and we all have felt it in some way shape or form. I am foreigner in country i live and i have felt some discrimination and from my life experience, all people/races are the same. Meaning there are good people and bad people. But always creating this buzz that 90% of racism comes from white people and those 10% that come from other races is usually spined around and served as "self defense/provoked" sorry i am not buying it.
White farmers are murdered in 100s, in most brutal ways every year in Africa just because of their skin color Here http://www.digitaljournal.c... . You don't see anyone talking about that, it's usually put under the carpet. All i am trying to say is, let's stop point finger at one race all the time, there was this guy with small moustache, he did similar thing and 50 million people died because of him.

nogolis3499d ago

I got a PM from "mrjackofalltrades"

"so don't try and blame others for what your people do as a part time and sometimes full time job."

Please takes note of his "your" people bit there.

1. Assuming I'm white.
2. Being inadvertently racist himself.

By addressing any race or culture as "your" people... C;mon. A little hostility there. The entire PM was riddled with slanderous remarks as if I'm white, which is an assumption. Blacks are stealthy racist. They're opportunistic racist, really. They bait and then they call foul.

Ahmad-3499d ago

Every 1 out of 3 games I am met with racists. "Ohh it's achmed the terrorist where ya bombs at?" is probably the least it gets, when there's a party of 6 or more in CoD it'd be harrasment throughout the whole game, and i can tell some of these guys are at least 20 yrs. Pathetic really

RememberThe3573499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I think no one is talking about the farmers that are killed in Africa because we are focusing on the U.S. There are obviously many other forms of oppression all over the world. We all can't have a conversation about all of them on N4G, this is the type of stuff people write their doctoral thesis on. Although I understand your point and don't want to make it seem like those other issues don't matter I think we should stay focused on the point of the article which is about online gaming and all the ignorance spouted over peoples mics.

Again, I don't want it to seem like I don't think your points are valid, I just want to make sure we are talking about issues of the article instead of using one issue to bring light to another.

presto7173499d ago

"Blacks are stealthy racists. They are opportunistic racists"

Such a generalization makes YOU sound racist.

Simon_Brezhnev3499d ago

Wow the fake Sony insider is really racist. All you keep doing is calling out blacks i bet you wont say it to their face.

The Wood3499d ago

do u know why its that way around and not the other.....its the same reason when somebody mentions sexism its usually the man against the female....why, because its usually that way. Nobody is saying it cant be or isnt the other way around...anybody saying that would be stupid but the fact remains that the majority of online users who spew that crap are of a particular race followed by.... If the majority of online users were from the africas then maybe it would be the other way around but its not.

Simon_Brezhnev3499d ago

lmao @ the fake sony insider sending me messages

New Message:
3 hours ago | By: nogolis | Block
I'm not a Sony insider
Who said I was? I'm just a blogger... Huge difference. And I'm inclined to say pretty much what I want when I want.

I'm a registered fitness trainer with the state of Missouri. I bench more than you eat in a week. My arms are 19inches and I curl 160lbs off the bar as a warm up.

Want some proof?
Oh, and I also train mix Shotokan & kenpo/or as you would say it kempo 4 hours a week. I pretty assure of my footing and where I stand. I damn sure don't let little puzzy squirts like you tell me what I can, can't or won't do.

MorganX3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

When he said "your people," if he said it, and I don't believe much of what you say, perhaps he meant jews, since "you" chose to identify yourself as one.

As a Jew, I find it hard to believe you are surrounded by so many blacks that you say you've experienced more racism, in your case, antisemitism, from blacks than whites. Unless you live in an inner-city, I just don't believe you.

And if you received a message riddled with slanderous remarks (defamatory is probably more appropriate) why didn't you post those instead of some ambigous sentence out of context?

Lastly, having identified yourself as Jewish with the blacks are racists comments, if you did receive what you claim, how do you know it was a black person?

MorganX3499d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

You can always tell a steroid user (juicer) by their disproportionately small legs. Steroiod blow up the smaller muscles like biceps, pecs, and triceps with little effort and lots of water. Legs, you still have to work and have natural strength and genetics. People who are natural develop evenly across the whole body.

Without steroids, no one with legs that small can maintain or even develop 19" biceps/triceps. And only steroid users give their bicep measurement. Natural bodybuilders know that 65% of a bicep measurement is actually the triceps.

Lastly, the State of Missouri offers no personal training certification.

Many steroid users are racists. They can't control their emotions on the juice. Better that than beating/murdering their spouses/girlfriends.

MorganX3499d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Anyone can be racist. What people tend to say is, minorities can't discriminate against whites because they are not in a position of power.

There are black racists, though, there really aren't many. In the grand scheme of things, at 13% of Americans, there aren't many blacks period. There are more white "racists" than there are total blacks in America.

So, you are right. There are black racists. And they are right and wrong about discrimination. Depends on how you choose to define it. Economically they are right, socially, not so much.

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mjolliffe3499d ago

I can't play Modern Warfare 2 for a day without a racist rant these days...

BulletBtweenUrEyes3499d ago

I was just going to say the samething. I'm Hispanic, even though I don't hear much racism/trash talk about Latinos, it's hard to ignore these country bumpkin white kids who play MW2 say "N*gger this, N*gger that" and I even get threatened by teenagers who send me MSGs talking more sh*t. These ignorant little spoiled brats have no clue how I would hurt them if we met face to face. Man it pisses me off just thinking about it that's how bad it is. I always offer to buy a plane ticket or bus fare for those people. Not one accepts and you want to know why? Because they are P*ssy

panasonic233499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

My Fellow Negros yall want to know the truth why black are most hate race on earth.


google MELANIN

Listen to the White woman!!