9.0 God of War III Review

Dealspwn writes: "The scale of some of the levels and boss fights are technically superb and a joy to play. The only real let-down is how the combat has barely evolved over the years. However, if all you want is another brilliant God of War game, you won't be disappointed by this spectacular PS3 debut that is easily one of gaming's most exciting titles."

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Basil-Rathboner3498d ago

I am currently playing this.

In parts this game does indeed truly look like a painting come to life. The visuals are breathtaking just pipping UC2 in my opinion. The musical score is wonderful and the fluidity and break-neck speed of combat are unsurpassed. The sheer amount of technical whizz bangery and stuff going on the screen is mind blowing at times.

However, i feel unfortunately there are a few miss-steps along the way.

Some of the platform leaping from ravines ets using the double jump sometimes feels broken. I have died over 50 times so far and roughly 45 of those deaths came from falling to my doom. The section that the reviewer mentions in his piece is a good example. At one point i nearly threw my joypad through the tv in utter frustration. It has actually come close to spoiling the game for me, although not enough to be a deal breaker.

Another annoying thing is a certain puzzle which i won't spoil, feels very out of place and even though i knew what to do i couldn't do it (I kept miss-timing).

Reviewers are putting this game at around the 8 hr mark. I consider myself just slightly above average at these types of games and i have so far clocked up 7 hrs so far and i am nowhere near the end.

With that being said i would give the game a 9.4 to 9.5.