Bungie Shifting focus towards the Campaign in Halo Reach

Even in the absence of getting 100% engineering support, Bungie's next full campaign playtest is nearly ready to be hammered on at the labs. It is already in a state of major improvement over their last playtest, which was just a few weeks ago. This is the most fun part of a project – when all the planes circling around in development space begin landing.

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Gradient3501d ago

We'll be the judge of that, thanks!

FishCake9T43501d ago

"I’m super excited about giving some love to the huge number of new campaign features that have been waiting patiently for the Beta dust to settle."
Intersesting. I dont know how they could improve the campaign by a massive amount.

swiftshot933501d ago

If theres anything Bungie is good at, its features and balance. They're going to make sure they get the most useful features possible in their game and then balance those features to perfection.

-Alpha3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Why doubt Bungie? They've been proven to do extremely well and they aren't one to make excuses or talk big without backing it up.

Halo 3 is still, do this day, one of the best balanced and best featured multiplayer games out there. I've heard complaints about story but it's been praised overall.

I love Bungie and I have complete faith in them and their product. Unlike crappy losers like IW they are close with their community, supportive, and aren't lazy. No game today has matched Halo 3's ridiculous amount of features: forge, theater, split screen offline, split screen online, co-op, co-op split screen-- there is a reason it's the strongest and most played game even to this day. 100,000 users and still going, the game is a huge success. I've been wanting a 360 just for Halo, and Reach may be my breaking point.

SaberEdge3501d ago

Halo Reach will surely be great. I can't wait.

3501d ago
sid4gamerfreak3501d ago

Wow, Im surprised not to see a huge amount of ps3 fanboys rushing in and attacking Bungie; this is a more civilized post.

If there's one thing Bungie does awesomely, it is its multi player aspect. To this day halo 3 is fun not only for its single player but also multiplayer. Did you hear what I said fanboys? I didn't say 'graphics', I said 'fun'. Thats right, a game without amazingly stunning graphics can be actually fun...

RememberThe3573501d ago

Hahaha that was pathetic. What about when your out of warranty? My PS1 PS2, and Xbox are all still working fine. I thought my homeboy had bad luck with consoles but if your consoles only last you a year and a half your luck is horrible. The funny thing is that you seem to be fine spending all this money on a yearly basis. I would rather pick up some games then have to spend money on consoles. But I suppose I like games more than consoles :)

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that they are focusing even more on the story (influence from Naughty Dog?) I loved the story telling in ODST and I can't wait to see what they do with Reach. The game is looking sharp so far and you already know that it's going to play great.

RockmanII73501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Don't call people out for comments they made in other stories and at least try to stay on topic. I could post your quotes in here but it isn't worth my time.

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Kinetix3501d ago

And this is why Halo continues to break sales records. The hard work and fine tuning they do to each of their titles does not go unnoticed. Thank you Bungie.

Blaze9293501d ago

definitely. Halo 3 did not need a SINGLE patch released over LIVE to fix anything. How many games do that anymore this gen?

Al Bundy3501d ago

Uh, Modern Warfare 2 broke more sales records than Halo so are you saying it's because Infinity Ward fine tuned it?

Inside_out3501d ago

AGREE...Bungie is so professional, I can't believe Microsoft let these guys go...Good developers make good games, great developers make great games...Single player or Multi-player...there's a reason these guys are at the top...One of the highest selling franchises of all time... Reach WILL be doubt...Kudos to Bungie...

3501d ago
RockmanII73501d ago

Halo and MW2 get their sales records because they get hyped up to all get out. Bungie is more respected because they raise the bar in each one of there games(ODST is the exception, but I blame MS for the $60 price tag. I think if it was up to Bungie, they would of charged $40 for it).

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Al Bundy3501d ago

Take note Infinity Ward.

blitz06233501d ago

LOL. Even the slightest of details like this is hot news.

Zero 0073501d ago

570p or 1080p what the differents on graphics ???
i give same example
uncharted 2 running in 720p and Lost planet on 1080p who is better on graphics ????
GOW III running in 720p and Ninja Gaiden sigma on 1080p who is better on graphics ???
BTW 95% ps3 exclusive running on 720p LoooL
and sorry for my english
edit : Halo Reach if running on 420p i don't care
Halo Reach GOTY 2010

awesomeperson3501d ago

Who cares it 95% run in 720p, they still kick ass.

1080p isn't really that important until you go over like 60 inches screen size.

No way will Halo reach by GOTY 2010, shooter of the year maybe, but not GOTY. From what I've been seeing its just Halo 3 with a redone engine, and jetpacks.

ShottySnipa4173501d ago

Reach might win MP GOTY or Shooter GOTY, (and believed me, I'm psyched for this game) but I doubt it will win the actual title of GOTY (I believe that right goes to GOW3)

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Kinetix3501d ago

Infinity ward can't even fine tune their own game. They owe their success of MW2 to COD4.

Al Bundy3501d ago

I know. I'm just saying don't say Halo breaks sales records because of fine tuning when Modern Warfare 2 broke more sales records than Halo and it's not fine tuned.

The real killer3501d ago

Do you understand the words (oppression) That's the blame from Activision.

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