The Fallacy of Scoring

A common complaint surrounding the video games press is the over reliance on review scores as a means of determining a game's overall quality. Opponents of such a system argue that a reviewer's complex opinion is impossible to sum up in a simple numerical score whilst supporters point to scores as an easy way of summarizing a length review. Is the importance of scores overstated? Is it right to compare games based upon single numbers? All things considered, does the industry need review scores at all?

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ElementX3496d ago

Another rant about game reviews, no thanks!

-Alpha3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Reviews are meant to help persuade to buy a game or try it out. Fanboys have made it a tool to use against other consoles to brag about library.

The problem with reviews is that people simply look at score, have super high expectations (lower than 9.0 = insta-fail for some reason), and generally use it for console wars instead of using it personally.

If reviews didn't exist games wouldn't get as much recognition. The other major problem is media bias which slanders games, though I generally look at overall scores rather than depend on one or two sites. When it comes down to it personal experience is always best but reviews generally give an idea about a game too.

Bereaver3496d ago

You, my friend, are being hypocritical.

Wait.... Reviews are ok, but are used by fanboys to put down the competition, but yet.... you misunderstand that the REAL problem that we have with reviews, is that the reviewers themselves are most likely fanboys with some given reviews and bias statements.

RememberThe3573496d ago

But I am not going to read 40 different reviews. I'd much rather read 2 or 3 review and then go off of the other scores given by other sources. I really like Kotaku's review format. The reviews are very concise and clear and they give up what the reviewer liked and what the reviewer didn't like. They are easy to read and very quick.

The Wood3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

when the means to justifying the score makes NO sense

HALO 3 '10 graphics' ....Yeah......Really;
it could be 12 out of 10 for fun/mp but graphics gtfo

@357, yeah..kotaku's review system is very sound. There are many other sites that dont use scores but they stick out the most because their crappy reputation in regards to everything else they do/try