WTF Is Wrong With Sega?

Isaiah Taylor of The Brog believes we've endured the plethora of Sonic titles. Sega fans have put in their time. Why are the mid-to-higher budget titles getting the shaft at Sega?

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Godmars2903494d ago

Yet put the sole blame of their and the Dreamcast's fall on Sony and the PS2?

Noctis Aftermath3494d ago

I agree with the article, sega really need to step up.

Hakimy3494d ago

its really about sega of america.the japanese company are releasing interesting games and in japan they sell well.the american branch is kinda weird,especially with their marketing and releases dates.that's what the problem is all about ;)

Redempteur3494d ago

sega wasn't like this before they dropped the dreamcast ..
they tried many things and were huge in arcade game and their support on consoles .

Now sega of america is gone. all we have now is a twisted version that nobody know where it's headed ..

Nothing but weird or bad decisions lately ...

blind-reaper3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

the exclusion of the bunch of minigames from yakuza 3 was a bummer (I almost didn't buy it because of that) but Im playing it right now, and I can only say it is pure fun it is totally worth playing.

br41n5c4n3493d ago

I'll never forget receiving the genesis on x-mas day......where's the magic?????

GameGambits3493d ago

The biggest 2 crimes they committed this generation are not getting more behind Resonance of Fate and Valkyria Chronicles. These games scream quality and polish that the JRPG genre has been in desperate need of ever since the PS2 era ended.

If one more JRPG comes out from SEGA that looks as good as those two titles did and they aren't pushing it hard, then I will get in touch with the developer myself and lay it down for them to jump ship. xD

Rockox3493d ago

WTF is wrong with that crotch shot?

A: Nothing.

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FishCake9T43494d ago

Sega are a joke. How many Sonic spin offs do you need?

Panthers3494d ago

No more than Mario spin offs.

Gun_Senshi3494d ago

all rpg fans know of Renosance of Fate. the demo on JP Store rocks. It plays better then WKC,SO and FFXIII

Godmars2903494d ago

This is more about for every good or great game Sega makes or produces, there are 4-5 if not more utter "WTF" piece of crap.

kancerkid3493d ago

In Sega's defense, this year, there do not seem to be too many optimum spots to release games.

RedPawn3493d ago

No offense to anyones taste, but Resonance of Fate is a complete ball of Boo Boo. Are we really that starved this Gen, I play that trash and can't believe my eyes. I had this game at the edge of my radar, forgetting about it till it came out. Tri Cresendo does a better job than Tri-Ace and they used to be the same entity.

That game is a no go.

Baka-akaB3493d ago

of course you mean offense .

If you didnt you'd come up with something better than "it sucks" and "i cant believe anyone is enjoying this" .

kancerkid3493d ago


Looks like Resonance of Fate is a little too hard for you, and you can't take it...

Maybe you should stick with FF13

Arvis_Jaggamar3487d ago

Thank you kancerkid, I was about to say the same thing.

It's frustrating that Resonance of Fate is being trashed because it's "too hard." It's complex, yes, but not unapproachably difficult. Once you get the hang of it, battles become supremely satisfying. More so than most video games, if you ask me.


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Kalowest3494d ago

Just bad release dates.

Premonition3494d ago

Offtopic whats with that pic for the story?

skip2mylou3493d ago

its from yakuza 3 i think which is from sega haha

Redempteur3493d ago

Yakuza 3 but it's part of the content that disapeared in the us/eu version

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