5 Films that Deserve Game Tie-Ins

No one ever let reality interfere with their 'What if?'s before. Just think about it, if these games were made in the way you'd want them to be made, they'd be awesome.

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GiantEnemyCrab3494d ago

Crytek released some gorgeous screen renders they did of the Blade Runner city(Los Angeles) with the police car. I would love to see them pick up and do a proper Blade Runner game. Could be very cool.

AnttiApina3494d ago

Not by Crytek. It's by a certain computer student.

Blade Runner game, Kojima's Snatcher are perfect examples of a "Blade Runner game"

Cajun Chicken3494d ago

Blade Runner HAD a game! I was a awesome click adventure by Westwood Studios.

PirateThom3494d ago

And, on another plane, Snatcher was basically Blade Runner in all but name.

christian hour3494d ago

I still have that game stored away around here somewhere... I bet one of the discs is missing! Loved that game! I was born in 87 so this game was my first encounter with blade runner. Have since watched the film countless times. But excusing the authors ignorance to there already been a game, a new Blade Runner game would be mmore than welcome.

The Wood3494d ago

yeah, i played that game...It had multiple endings. I think i done them all

Ngai3493d ago

Yea, still have that game too. PC CD-ROM. Was a nice game. Old though, '95? Not sure. But do remember enjoying it.

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cyguration3494d ago

sure why Blade Runner was there if it already had a critically successful game tie-in. That's almost worthy of a "lame" report.

Madis0073494d ago

I am Legend

I mean. Think. Its big open New York City. You live your life. You have some missions and sometime you kill some infected.

Its like: GTA 4 + infected city + only infected with you.
But ofcause you dont kill infected all the time and you are not immune.
Its maybe like hardcore game. Few ammo, some weapons, you earn food,water and other things.
I think only how this game can fail is that you are immune and you kill like million infected but no. Lets make this game realistic.

Wrathman3493d ago

i just watched greenzone..that would be a good game...find the WMD's

Rocket Sauce3494d ago

Crank is the first thing I thought of when I clicked this.

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The story is too old to be commented.