CSM: Sonny with a Chance Review

CSM writes: "The Sonny with a Chance DS game is based on the same-named Disney Channel sitcom about a teen-run sketch comedy show called "So Random." In the game, members of the "So Random" cast turn their studio into a giant game board and play against one another to see who can collect the most fan letters. Whenever a player lands on a specified board space, he or she initiates a mini-game for all four players to take part in. Mini-games involve activities like food fights, musical chairs, and dancing. Some are showbiz-based, like the one in which players literally hog the spotlight, trying to keep within the circle of a moving spotlight and pushing other players out of the light. Along the way, players will earn money to buy new costumes and to unlock more mini-games that they can then play outside of the boardgame mode."

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