GTA Episodes from Liberty City PS3 Trophies

MyRockstar HQ - "Rockstar Games updated Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 trophies with 15 Episodes from Liberty City (The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony) trophies. Check out the trophies list below."

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zeeshan3497d ago

Sorry but the whole "OMG IT'S GTA4 DLC" hype is all over. I ain't gona spend any $$$ on it. Ima waiting for AGENT =)

Charmers3497d ago

I would like to think more PC and PS3 users will take this attitude. I don't believe you should reward Rockstar financially for screwing PS3 PC users over for the better part of nearly 2 years.

Remember when Rockstar took MS's money they were basically saying PS3 users and PC users custom wasn't important. If PS3/PC users buy this DLC now then you are just validating what Rockstar did and showing them they can do it again to you in the future.

WildArmed3497d ago

lol i totally forgot about this releaseing.
Sorry but there are just too many 'better' games to spend money on atm

mal_tez923497d ago

Don't see how the expansion will any less boring.

Spiderman3497d ago

Change the record ffs.

GTA4 was great and ill be picking this up day1!!

However, PC or PS3 ?...That is the real question.

Microsoft Xbox 3603497d ago

Played it on my 360. It's short and mostly repetitive. Stay away.

DaTruth3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Last gen when they made these things, they came with another city. I feel like if it wasn't for this, we'd be playing in Vice City now... and the problems in the first would be fixed!

Blaze9293497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

you all are crazy and seriously missing out if you can't buy at least one of the downloadable EPISODES for just $20. The GTAIV saga got better with ever release. Lost and the Damned was simply amazing then Ballad of Gay Tony topped it off and crucial fun and amazement. @Microsoft Xbox 360 short and repetitive? Not EVEN close to being that.

Any GTA fan should buy it and play the damn episodes because both of them are just fantastic.

WildArmed3497d ago

the sad part is that i found the first DLC to be better than GTA 4.
i'm a big fan of San Adreas, and this one just really disappointed.

The thing is, while the episodic DLC was vastly better than the game itself, it still wasn't good enough for me to buy the other DLC.
But, I would recommend it to any fan of GTA 4. but if you were disappointed by it, the DLC does improve on it, but not by much.

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electricshadow3497d ago

I'm a huge fan of the GTA series and I'll be getting this day one. Can't wait!

Redempteur3497d ago

same here i enjoyed GTA4 and i think i'll take this expansion dlc

badz1493496d ago

but call me crazy, I think, I'm getting this! I heard that these are much better than the main game itself!

awesomeperson3497d ago

I was a fan of the GTA series, but in my OPINION GtaIV went more onto realism then the old fun... What happened to my tank or money cheats :(

Spiderman3497d ago

GTA4 was realistic, but also fantastic, and i had hours of fun with it.

Yes i didnt enjoy it as much as San Andreas of Vice City, but it had a better Story than the previous games, and the characters were alot better imo.

I hope the next one goes back to Vice City or San Andreas, or just a new city. I dont think I want another GTA NYC game.

XxRoosterxX3497d ago

Saints Row is your new venue for random absurdity.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3497d ago

...Maybe at the start of the game it said -

'ONLY ON xBox 360' Hmm...Better take that bit out i suppose!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

Rauland3497d ago

ill be honest, no missions are KINDA good, but i want a new area to explore!

kmartyr3497d ago

A new area would be fantastic, but it would seem kind of worthless if it had no missions go along with it.

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