Extreme DRM = Publishers Trying to Kill PC Gaming

Bitmob is terrified for the future of PC gaming. Both Ubisoft and EA have started forcing digital rights management on to paying customers of PC games that is so utterly un-customer friendly it boggles the mind. The scary thing is they see this trend taking off and it isn't good for anyone.

Not only do you need an active Internet connection at all times just to play these companies latest games but should you ever lose it due to a problem on your end or theirs you not only lose unsaved game progress but are then cut off from the very product you paid for.

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Pandamobile3501d ago

EA's learned their lesson and loosened their leash for the most part; Ubisoft however...

champ213501d ago

Do pc gamers really care about ubisoft games?

when i see their releases this gen all i see are repeatfests:

prince of persia check
AC1 check
AC2 check
farcry 2 check

There aint nothing good Ubi has done so far. Sure the console gamers will run out to buy anything the media rates 9/10 which is mostly happening for almost every game out.

Console gamers will learn, just till take some time.

Charmers3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I wouldn't say EA has learned their lesson. You just need to look at C&C4 which requires a constant internet connection to play the single player game. Now sure they "prettify" it with excuses like "it's how you progress in the game" but it is still a continuous on line connection to play an SP game.

Thankfully C&C 4 is so god awful that people aren't even pirating it never mind buying it.

palaeomerus3501d ago

You haven't heard about the recent Command and Conquer 4 DRM problems then?

Blaze9293501d ago

I disagree. Why would they be trying to kill the exact market their pumping out games for? Piracy is just too big of an issue with PC games and they are just trying to make sure they get their moneys worth for making the game and no suffer any losses or cutbacks. I think its perfectly understandable for their position. I it great? No, but what can they do?

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t8503501d ago

Bitmob worried about PC gaming? lol why? This industry would collapse without the PC. Where would all the tech come from then.

While console gaming does have the media by the balls, PC gaming has been steadily growing year on year. Lets get concerned once we actually see a year on year decline.

Gradient3501d ago

10 years ago, I would agree with that comment.

Now? Pffffffffffffffffft. If anything, the industry would collapse without the consoles.

champ213501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Pc had more software sales then all consoles combined last year.

Also like it or not its consoles holding back the industry. Developers are greedy, which is why they tend to design their games for all 3 platforms (pc, 360, ps3).

Due to this, its gotten to a point where even 3yr old hardware like the 8800gtx play all of todays games @ 1080p maxed out(something consoles cant do). This wouldnt have been true if we were back in 2000, since graphics would have moved on and a more powerful gpu would have been needed.

This might end up causing the PC community to lose interest in Upgrades as they are not needed. Certainly the small number of gpus sold to console owners are not enough to keep the likes of ATI and NVidia alive, 60million gpus sold on consoles over 4years is nothing for them.

No PC no ATI, NVidia = no next gen console. Console gamers wishing for the Death of the PC platform should think again.

Pandamobile3501d ago

The gaming industry as a whole wouldn't really have much problem getting along without consoles, everyone would just move to PC.

But without PC, there'd be no actual tech development. The consoles tend to use hammy-down PC components (the GPU's for example), so without PC gaming, companies like ATI and Nvidia wouldn't be able to develop new technologies for gaming, and thus, the entire gaming industry would collapse, or at least freeze.

mcgrawgamer3501d ago

pc has always pushed innovation not only just hardware but software as well. I belive without the pc the little guy with a small budget would not get noticed on the consoles of the world. Games like zeno clash and world of goo would probably not have gotten the exposure without the pc, and even today a game like audiosurf still hasn't been done on the consoles.

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3501d ago
Gun_Senshi3501d ago

why don't devs complain about piracy on x360 or wii?

X360 games get leaked before PC games, also its way easier to pirate X360 then PC.

steve30x3501d ago

@Champ. I care about one game Ubisoft are making but wont buy it until they change the DRM. I love the Settlers games but wont buy Settlers 7 because of the DRM.

@Blaze. They are killing off PC gaming because 1) PC Gamers hate their always online DRM 2) Because of the DRM people are refusing to buy their games.

They need to think of a better DRM before a lot of people start buying their games again. Yes a lot of people dont like Ubisofts games but not everybody hates their games.

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