NGamer review scores – First Red Steel 2 review

The latest NGamer review scores have been released, which includes the first score of Red Steel 2.

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Valay3495d ago

Great score for Red Steel 2! It looks like this game is meeting expectations much more than the first one.

Mahr3494d ago

"It looks like this game is meeting expectations much more than the first one"

The first one, or as I like to call it, 'the one that NGamer gave a score of 90'.

-Mezzo-3495d ago

Great Score for Reed Steel 2, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Valay3495d ago

You won't have to wait long, fortunately. It comes out next week!

-Mezzo-3495d ago

yup, i didn't played the first one, i guess i'll pick up both of them together. Hopefully the first one would be real cheap now.

mjolliffe3495d ago

I played Red Steel 2 back in October, for about 2 hours and it wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad.

However, I only played 2 hours of the game, so it shows what the whole game is like: getting an 85 score!

ElementX3495d ago

Pretty bogus the way submitters never put the scores in the article description. They make you click the link to give them hits.

TheColbertinator3495d ago

Yeah it is annoying how Valay fishes for hits

-Mezzo-3495d ago

Why Shouldn't He, HMMM

subzero-083495d ago

85%. Looking nice so far, hopefully it gets more good reviews.

fatstarr3495d ago

85% translates to 75-B+ alright thats pretty decent
ive seen some commercials lets see how well this sells :D

Seferoth753494d ago

85% out of 100% translates into a 75 out of 100 to you?

fatstarr3494d ago

yes from other magazines and websites i was guessing the range.

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