360 Fanboy: God of War III is the Reason to Borrow a PS3

From the feature editorial:

"It should be obvious at this that point that even though I praise the glorious console known as the Xbox 360, I like many people out there still own a PS3 as well and from time to time dust it off and boot her up. So it should be no surprise that I played through God of War III earlier this week and have a few things to say about it. GoW3 had a lot to live up to, the first two iterations in the series pushed the PS2 hardware to new heights with each release and GoW3 does the same, at least visually anyways. Don't get me wrong, GoW number 3 is a great game and a huge achievement for Sony, but it still felt as though it was the weakest piece of the trilogy and I will touch on that in a bit."

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UltimaEnder3498d ago

I have to agree, was an awesome looking game and great to play-through but doesn't have the impact that Heavy Rain did to non-PS3 users, borrow a console and play GoW3 ASAP....

talltony3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

This game is so freaking epic, I don't know how anyone in their right mind walk away from this game being dissapointed in any way. This game is just one of the many reasons to own and not borrow a ps3.

Strange_Evil3498d ago

WTF lol... Look at the sites name and then look at the game they are giving their "unbiased" opinion.

"The game definitely looks a lot better than most games out there, but I never felt like it was a huge step ahead of recent triple A titles".. Really the game literally sh!ts on any 360 game out there and the only 2 AAA contender are UC2 and KZ2 and you say the graphics weren't a huge leap??? Look on what you are fighting [email protected]!!!

"For those of you who were thinking about buying a PS3 just to play through GoW3 might want to rethink that for a second"...

Really that is all you retards come up with just to stop a consumer for buying a PS3.. Go F yourselves. Why the hell do we always see 360 fansites reviewing a PS3 game but not the other way round (Plane360, OXYGEN,360burn...)? Why the hell don't you guys stick with your games.. Guess Metro 2033 is embarrassing to review in the presence of GOW3 is it?

I played through the game last night and it literally puts any other game out there to shame.. Seriously this game even make it's predecessors small (which were GOTYs actually). In fact this is the best game in the series...

Icyhot3497d ago

Lol he puts FANBOY in the title as well just prooving how much 'unbiased' he is LMAO. He could have said a 360 gamers prespective lol he is dumb enough to think people will fall for that lol.

-Mezzo-3497d ago

One of the many biggest reasons to own a PS3, not freakin borrow..

lokiroo4203497d ago

Who lends out their ps3 to someone, certainly not me, what a fail article.

BattleAxe3497d ago

XBOX 360 Fanboy: "GoW3 is your reason to revolt against Microsoft for their misdeeds"

presto7173497d ago

How the hell is this news??? For what its worth I'm reporting this sh*t.

sid4gamerfreak3497d ago

GOW 3 is the most epic game available in the market. Its brilliant plotline, its engaging gameplay mechanics and its graphics define God of War as epic.

Like all the other people posted here, why borrow a ps3 when you can own one? Trust me, if you don't have a ps3, you're missing out on a lot.

TheTwelve3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

If you don't want to buy a PS3, and want to remain blind as to how great it is, then borrowing one to play GOW3 is the last thing you should do. It will be like torture having to give it back.

GOW3 is the second epic videogame I've played that wasn't an RPG. The first one was GOW2.


Xplayer20313497d ago

Why not just buy the PS3?

CrazzyMan3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I mean, MGS4 was already a reason to get PS3.
Now with:

VC, KZ2, LBP, R1&2, M&M:PR, HS, R&C1,2, GoW 3, HR, Y3&4, DS, U1&2, Siren, Folklore, MAG, InF, Flower.

PS3 is a MUST HAVE console.

And we still have AAA games like GT5, TLG, FFXIIIv, AGENT to come.)

Megaton3497d ago

Of course you agree. Either you or your "staff" wrote this turd.


BigPappaPump3497d ago

Now that's what I call comment of the day! Bubble 4 u and keep fighting the good fight!

tinybigman3497d ago

That make sick of this generation, this game is freaking awesome and I'm nowhere close to finish. The gameplay, story, the brutality make this game one of the best this gen.

He says this was the reason to dust off his ps3 well ME2 was the reason to dust off my 360 in 9 months.

I don't borrow systems to play the games I want, I buy the systems I want to play the games I want. Why because I love gaming, and that's why I own all 3.

I hate fanboys be a goddamn gamer and not a hater.

DatNJDom813497d ago

that the xbox fanboys actually write articles on xbox site/mag about PS3 games. Yea, in this case its taking little cheap shots at the king, but thats what the court jester is for anyway. Its there to lighten the mood during serious business. To be a living joke, and the 360 fanboys are the worlds greatest jesters. As a matter of fact, thats what Im going to call 360 fanboys from now on. Green with envy. lol.

There might be a couple of articles on PS3 mags/sites talking about 360, but its usually when the developers of multiplat games make a bad port for the PS3. And yes its the developers, not the hardware. Need proof? What 360 game touches Uncharted: Drakes Fortune in gfx??? Anyone??? metro 2033? alan wake? halozzzzzzzzzzz? PS3 exclusives are just sh!tting on the competition (console wise). Quality and graffix. Sorry but it's true.

eagle213497d ago

I don't want to own or borrow a 360. Fixed. :)

nbsmatambo3497d ago

borrow from who? all ps3 owners will currently be playing GOW3....plz BUY your own....once they r back in stock that is...

TotalPS3Fanboy3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Wow. It's a good thing I don't listen to 360 fanboys anymore. They don't know what the f*ck they're talking about. All those lies about Deadly Premonition and Splinter Cell:Conviction.


"PS3 exclusives are so good................
that the xbox fanboys actually write articles on xbox site/mag about PS3 games."

What did you expect? Since most 360 gamers only care about PS3 games, these Xbox sites/mags have no choice but to start writing about the PS3 too and stop writing about the 360. It even got to the point where some these Xbox sites even start reviewing PS3 games, hoping to confuse 360 gamers into thinking that these PS3 games are actually on the 360.

bRAAAaaains3497d ago

LOLOLOL 360 owners can't even afford a PS3 that they have to borrow one? Might as well borrow their HDTV while you're at it cause GOW 3 won't look anywhere as good in a 19" SDTV.

Keith Olbermann3497d ago

borrow it for GOW3 give it back..borrow again for Heavy rain, give it back...borrow it for UC2, give it back...borrow it again for yakuza,grand tarismo, socom..ect..all these great games and people are still talking about borrowing? LOL. dumb.

c64days3497d ago

Cant agree more.
Bubble for you!

Miraak82 3497d ago

i agree with the article ( you'll can look at my past history leave fanboyish out) as great as everything in the game is, there are just a few things that bugged me .The game shouldn't have had athena in it , I feel like she was tacked on for an excuse to get new blades and she ruined the ending. I mean seriously her appearance ended in gow2 I mean you don't see the ghost of ares beyond the first game . I can envision the whole game without her.... that was my only real gripe about it .9.4 for me

GodFather873497d ago

It's really not that expensive when you're calculating correctly. And believe me it pays off - great games on both sides.

raztad3497d ago


Man pls stop spoiling the game.

GoW3 is so freaking amazing that article goes a great length trying to explain how you MUST play the game w/o actually being a PS3 owner. LOL. The 360fanboy title is quite fitting.

If you want to destroy a xbox only owner life, allow him/her to play the first hour of GoW3, and then turn off the PS3.

br41n5c4n3497d ago

Naaaaa. Stick to the horrible graphics on the pixelated splinter cell demo. You don't want to ruin your sub-parness by playing an awesome game.

VenerableBmoney3497d ago

Regardless of how I personally feel, which is pretty neutral- it's crazy how populated n4g is with PS3 loyalists. I wonder what the ratio is for ownership on n4g- 4:1 PS3?

8thnightvolley3497d ago

BEST ACTION BLOOD PACKED GORE EPIC JAW-DROPPING- GRAPHICAL game i have ever played.. yo .. games like this on ps3 make u really believe its more powerful coz seriously its just fckin mad.. if u are a 360 only person.. pleeassseeee borrow buy go to ur friends house what ever.. just play this stuff.. it needs to be seen .. i cant stress any harder... kratos is one sick dude..

Aaroncls73497d ago

It is not, I"m a fast player, I go through games like hot knife on butter and my playthrough on NORMAL was 12 hours.

I'm sure you can skip hidden chests and all that, but that does not cut 3 hours off the game.

This is not a perfect game and a sh*t load of stuff could have been better, like MORE F*CKING WEAPONS; (SPOILER)you only get 4 and 3 of those are chain type arms. Gay, I know.

But despite my personal disappointments, the game is definitively ONE MORE reason to buy a PS3, or borrow if you can't spend the cash.

silvacrest3497d ago

im sorry but why would anyone listen to this article? its from PLANETXBOX360 for crying out loud the bias is obvious

and if they wanna talk about a reason to borrow a console i would only borrow a 360 for halo reach, everything else is multiplat or does not interest me

EVILDEAD3603497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

And they don't like it one bit..go figure..

I just finished GOW 3 a few hours ago and I didn't want it to was an amazing gaming experience

And it's silly when sites do the whole opinionated after the fact spoiler filled articles like this..

But, the only point that is true is GOW 3 alone wouldn't justify the PS3 purchase just to play it and that is just reality

It's honestly how I felt about UC2..amazing visuals great single player experience..but when it's over you feel like I do now..

PS3 is now the King of single player experiences..UC 1&2, GOW collection & GOW 3, Heavy Rain and Metal gear Solid 4..

The 360 is the King of Multiplayer experiences..Halo 3, ODST, Gears 1 & 2 + the ridiculous number of games that have taken advantage of Xbox Live..

On subject..if you own a PS3 this it's just ridiculous if you don't own the will be tough for any PS3 release to top it this year


life_sucks2443497d ago

who borrows systems these days??? i thought that died after ps2

pain777pas3497d ago

Gamers are not fans of systems just support the gaming industry and the developers that take advantage of the hardware presented to them. If possible I would and do have most systems ever released because I like games. I could careless about the manufacturers of the console or the PC that I play them on. Whether its Zelda, Halo, GOW or Uncharted I want to play them all whenever I want so I purchase game systems. I hated the DS at a time, 360 at a time, PS3 at a time, PSP at a time and the list goes on. However, every system has a game or many for that matter that is worth the purchase. I find it embarassing that we are still in fanboy mode anymore in the gaming industry. If I was to speak on quality titles I would have to give the PS3 the nod. I have not played any non-next gen games from most of their first party line up. I have yet to see any games that can even compare to LBP on any other platform. Please excuse me for saying that shooters are a dime a dozen the only game I am excited for the 360 is Reach in all honesty. Never liked Splinter Cell and Crackdown while it looks fun and chaotic and the first one was looks like a PS2 game. The next generation of gaming on the 360 are for playing old classics online like Streets of Rage 2 and new games in competitive multiplayer. Without live the 360 is just dead and this was proved when I ended my gold subscription. I will tell you that Sony has the best and most well rounded line up of games. While everyone anticipates the next shooter of GoW3 clone I will be salivating at what Modnation racers will offer. Please enough with the fanboy stuff and keep gaming alive support the industry on the whole cause I will tell you the way gaming is headed now you better hope that Kojima, Naughty dog and Santa Monica are payed for their next gen efforts cause I will tell you Left for dead will be as common a game as Madden if you guys keep up this fanboy stuff. Quality matters and should be rewarded. If it wasnt for Live I would say that the Xbox 360 hurt the gaming industry and PC should have been their focus. Real talk!

DaTruth3497d ago

I'm not lending my PS3 out every 2 months! Because that is how much epic games release on the PS3! The guy will have my PS3 more than me!

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talltony3498d ago

Oh look still no reason to own a ps3, you should only borrow one for this 1 game. Give me a break.

redsquad3498d ago

Quite what I was thinking. If he actually owns a PS3 as he claims but only 'dusts it off occasionally', then he's not as big a gamer as he's pretending to be, methinks.

young juice3497d ago

i went to the service station yesterday and someone posted up a page saying..

"$300 reward

lost playstation 3

serial #******************"

i was laughing so hard. really im gonna ride down there today and take a picture of it. check back later on the fourums if you wanna see.

evilmonkey5013497d ago

hey...tell him to register that number at the police station AND with Sony...they can track down any stolen ps3 that connects to the internet.I have SEEN IT DONE BEFORE.

redbadger3498d ago

Why do u fanboys keep implying to borrow a ps3 console when u can BUY a new one. The ps3 has a lot to offer. Games like hr, mnr, lbp, gow3, kz2 and the list goes on. Plus if u borrow a ps3 u wont receive your trophies your friend will.

Kratos Spartan3497d ago

thats my picture! Oh and I do agree

OmarJA-N4G3498d ago ShowReplies(6)
Icyhot3497d ago

" I like many people out there still own a PS3 as well and from time to time dust it off and boot her up"

Credibility if any left after reading the sites name thrown out of the window. Really is it such a slow time of the year for 360 fbs that they now create articles trying to detract people from buying a PS3. LAME