Metro 2033 Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Going into Metro 2033, I wasn't entirely convinced that we needed another post-apocalyptic shooter following a single man who becomes the savior of earth, but I was pleasantly surprised as I reached the jarring conclusion of Metro. Metro 2033 follows the travels of Artyom, a citizen of the underground complex of Metro tunnels after the surface of Moscow has frozen over. The atmosphere and setting of the game are what really deserve attention as 4A Games have crafted a very startling and unforgiving adaptation of the book that Metro is based off of by Dmitry Glukovsky. Despair and darkness rule the metro as well as the remaining survivors taking shelter in the various metro stations. Artyom has gained the ability to resist the mental attacks of the mutants crawling through the metro tunnels known as the "Dark Ones" so it falls on him to find a way to bring humanity back to the surface and eliminate the mutant threat that endangers the continuity of his species. Metro keeps your attention through this linear journey with cinematic events that astound, but leave you wishing that more existed throughout the game."

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Raoh3504d ago

Why is this in the PS3 section?

Shendow3504d ago

N4G wants PS3 users to see a game that came to 360.....Really I have no idea an this game looks like it might be good.

But I would rent it first.

xTruthx3504d ago

lol I was asking my self that

3504d ago